June veut plus de toi! Wrap-up

I can't resist a good jeu de mots, I won't apologize for this article's title! 😛 Time to wave June goodby. Summer is here. I am struggling not comparing those days with the same last year, but we can't live in the past, can we? The only way is up, and I must believe the... Continue Reading →

Bye bye April 2019!

Let's forget the moaning about how time flies and cut to the chase! What’s New? Less hair, more naps, and nice things in between! Following friends advice, I am creating a board with inspirational quotes, goals, et cetera to keep the important things in mind. I'm not crafty but it's not too hard to cut... Continue Reading →

Bye March 2019!

Okay, someone explain how March can already be over? I know we often complain about time running as if it were trying to catch the last train home, but hey, something is terribly wrong. We are being robbed of hours! And last night, we were forced to lose another hour of our lives!!! What’s New?... Continue Reading →

February 2019 Wrap-Up

The shortest month of the year is ending. Am I the only one who thought February would never end? I am more than ready to wave it goodbye! How about you? What’s New? Challenges. I have decided to test myself and was offered a couple of opportunities I can't miss. Time to write and blog... Continue Reading →

January 2019 Wrap-Up

I am not a fan of January. It drags on forever and everyone is in an awful mood. But I wasn't expecting this one to pass so quickly! Okay, some days felt never-ending, but overall, this first month was busy enough for me not to check the calendar every 5 minutes. What’s New? Three years.... Continue Reading →

Bye November 2018!

It's already time for another wrap-up. Seriously, days fly by at an alarming rate and soon we will be saying goodbye to 2018. How did this happen? What’s New? I'm broke because I spent all my money on an unlimited yoga pass at a studio in Bordeaux. I'm getting back in shape and loving it!... Continue Reading →

August 2018 Wrap-Up

I've decided to keep this short! All bookish, all fun. Bye summer!!! What’s New? I am on VACATION! Exactly one year has passed and I deserve it! September will be all about self-care, rest, and fun! August was mostly about work, I truly enjoyed being a full-time Orenda fairy, and I'd like to thank you... Continue Reading →

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