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Spit It Out: Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon @JaneFallon @MichaelJBooks

Ready to make this Sunday perfect? Grab a glass, settle in a comfortable armchair, and get to know a little more about Jane Fallon’s newest book!

Ps: My first choices of books for the year have secrets in their title and stories… What does it say about me??? And both received 5 stars…

tell me a secretTitle: Tell Me A Secret
Author: Jane Fallon
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Date of publication: 10th January 2019
Format: e-copy
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5 ⭐️

Best friends Holly and Roz tell each other everything.

So when Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes Roz will be waiting to pop the champagne.

But is she just imagining things or is Roz not quite as happy as she should be?

And now she thinks about it, a few things don’t quite add up…

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to tango,
But only one to start a war…

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January Recap

I really want to keep track of the things happening in my life this year (I can’t recall what I did last month, my memory is that bad). The best thing for this is a month recap!
This article was supposed to be written and published yesterday, but then it felt weird to wrap up January while we were still in it.

📚 Bookish recap 📚

I was excited when I realized I had finished 6 books in January. It can seem low for you massive readers but it’s huge for me. I am not trying to run for quantity over quality but I am happy I managed to make time for reading, even if it means TV time dwindled to its lowest level ever. I am a little disappointed that I have not reviewed all of the books but I’m still shy about it so it’s a work in progress.

🎬 Screen recap 🎬


My second all-time favorite TV show had its half-season premiere this week! This got me really excited and I woke up early on Thursday to catch my Suits fix. I’ll talk more about it in my first Screen post in February, and I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m happy with the way they’re handling the “big problem” of this second half of the season (might be a little early to say that… I don’t always trust Aaron Korsh). Anyway, I had missed this show. Very much. So much that I had to watch the episode again the next day.

I was supposed to binge-watch and finish Pretty Little Liars before Suits came back but I’m stuck on season 4. I’m getting bored because nothing much happens and we’re still stuck with ‘who’s A’. I know it’s the point but I was hoping for a little more after 4 seasons. Also, I don’t care about Hannah’s mom. Anyway, the show is always my go-to when I need something to watch that doesn’t require my brain to work.

I managed to watch the last few episodes of the first season of Madam Secretary. I was slightly disappointed, so I hope season two will be better.

Monday was movie-date and we chose Spotlight. The theatre close to our apartment was having a preview and I could not miss an opportunity to drool over see Liev Schreiber on a big screen. We really liked it, even though we’d wished it was a tiny bit shorter. Maybe due to the fact it was dinner time and I hate missing meal time. I had only a vague remembrance of the story (I was around 12 when it happened) so it was good to follow the events through the movie.

⏳Life recap⏳

That’s where it hurts. I guess I was too happy about my new job. It turns out the hours are impossible, the wage is ludicrous, and the coworkers far from friendly. I feel bad about quitting a job at a time it can be so hard to find one, but I respect myself too much to be used and humiliated this way. No amount of money or problems come before health and feeling good about what you do.

On a brighter side, I cannot believe how healthy I feel these days. I’ve gained weight, which is a victory for me. You would not believe how much I eat without taking a pound now. (don’t hate me, I can’t help it). It feels so weird because I was always the picky bird who’s never hungry and just want to leave the table. Now I can chow down an entire Big Mac menu on my own. Also, I found a way to fight insomnia. I’ve been drinking a special mix of herbal tea that works so well it scares me! I’d heard you need to get a daily routine and wait a couple of weeks for it to work, but I felt the effects from the start. I still wake up in the middle of the night but at least I get a few hours of sleep.

As a prep before changing degrees, I have been attending English literature and history classes, I enjoy it way more than Law or Management ones. I can’t wait to finally get rid of those.

📅 February’s to-do list 📅
– Write at least 3 posts per week
– Find another job
– Resume cooking experiments
– Take my baby to the dog grommer (she hates it)
– Improve / work on language learning techniques

How was your first month of the year?

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Working Girl

working girl picture copy

I love being busy. I am not the type of girl hanging around the house all day wondering what to do with her time. That’s why I am happy to have a job. Well, two.

No, really, it is a great thing. Money doesn’t grow on trees and those books don’t come for free. Also, Yuki (my darling baby dog) and me could use some food every week.

In September, I applied for a tutoring job. It’s all about pampering the freshmen whose major is the same as yours. It was an amazing opportunity as I want to become a teacher. Also, it was a big step for me as I was just starting to get better. The beginning was a little scary, both because I wasn’t sure I was qualified for it (still not sure I am!) and because I had only been back at university for a couple of weeks. But it was worth it. It still is.
Once or twice a week (depending on the subsidies we get for the semester) I sit in a room and do my best to explain what’s expecting of first-year students in English studies. I usually write dozens of exercise sheets and lose the babies in the Big Frightening Grammar Labyrinth. I am thoroughly enjoying this. There is no better feeling that when you explain something step by step and see a light of understanding in the student’s eyes.

But an hour a week doesn’t pay the hairdresser bills so I decided to look for another job. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find anything. I didn’t want to go back to being a cashier (worst two years of my life) so I checked daily for any kind of job, secretly wishing I could find one that did not require me smiling all day to very impolite people.

I am now a proud data input clerk in charge of all the drugstores in my area. Equipped with a bar code scanner, I move from shelf to shelf to count every medicine tablet, every medical equipment, every wheelchair, every feet cream and sore throat sweets until I can no longer read what’s on them. Basically, it takes forever. You never see the end of it. But the real downside to this job is the hours. I am aware the hours make it a very convenient position for students, but working from 6pm to 1.30am is unnatural for me. My body doesn’t like it when I change our schedule. I haven’t had a good night of sleep since I started. Exhausted doesn’t even cover it. I look like a zombie.  Thankfully, I only work at the beginning and the end of each month, which means I have 2 or 3 weeks in between to get back into my routine (I am more of a “in bed at 10pm, up at 7am” kind of girl) before it gets crushed again.

Still, I love my jobs. Not so long ago, I thought I would never be able to work again like anybody else due to my health issues and anxiety, so I’m treasuring the time spent there, even when I’m only half awake. This was my big step of 2015 and I intend to keep it going this year. Yay for being a working girl!

This was a “Thank You Life” post from a girl who’s still recovering.