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It’s #BookoutureWeek! Day 4: If You’re Not The One by Laura Briggs @PaperDollWrites @bookouture

This week is BOOKOUTURE WEEK on Chocolate’n’Waffles!

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Why focus on one publisher? The main reason is that few Bookouture books have disappointed me and I wanted December to be a good reading month. So I took a bet on them. Okay, a safe bet, but still! Another reason is that Bookouture was the first publisher to trust me when I started blogging, and they have given me great novels, fab friendships, and lots of fun, so I wanted to give back with seven reviews in a row, as a thank you and a ‘let’s have even more fun next year’!

One rule: all books have been read this month! As always, thank you to the fantastic Bookouture team for feeding me via NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Wait, too early?


I’ll admit it, I thought If You’re Nor The One was being released in January instead of February, this is why I am reviewing it as part of my Bookouture week. I only realised my mistake yesterday so there was no time to switch reviews! BUT I will be promoting this book in January and celebrating its publication day when it comes… So, forgiven???

41St30sTO9LTitle: If You’re Not The One
Author: Laura Briggs
Publisher: Bookouture
Date of publication: 6th February 2019
Format: e-copy uncorrected proof
Source: NetGalley

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Another Door Opens: A Single Step by Georgia Rose @GeorgiaRoseBook

Never again can I say I won’t read a certain genre… Except for Erotica!

a single stepTitle: A Single Step
Author: Georgia Rose
Publisher: Three Shires Publishing
Date of publication: January 2nd 2014
Format: Digital Review Copy
Source: kindly provided by the author (Thank you!)
Number of pages: 291
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Meet Emma Grayson, heroine of The Grayson Trilogy, a series of mysterious and romantic adventure stories.

‘The gun continued to be levelled at me. “Answer it…but don’t tell him I’m here or he’ll get to listen to you die.” That concentrated my mind considerably, and as I reached for my phone I came up with a plan…’

Emma Grayson was left devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy and betrayal. Now someone believes it’s time for her to start again and puts an advert for a job through her door which leads her to the Melton Estate. Despite her desire for a solitary existence she finds herself discovering a life she could never have imagined, challenging her independence, her fears and her resistance to love.

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