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A Frenchie in London Week 1

I was going for a much more original name for this post but then I decided it was awesome enough without the need of a sparkling title xD The word ‘internship’ is frown upon. I know, I have been there. Like millions of people, I had to endure the cliché of being used as a… Continue reading A Frenchie in London Week 1

Blogging Life

Launching the #OrendaMonth on chocolatenwaffles!! #PublisherSpotlight @OrendaBooks

When you have been blogging for a while and have witnessed firsthand amazing ideas being brought to the community, you want to give it a try too. Now, I don’t claim to be good enough or very creative to come up with something that is going to blow your mind, but I thought maybe there… Continue reading Launching the #OrendaMonth on chocolatenwaffles!! #PublisherSpotlight @OrendaBooks