May Wrap-Up!

May. If I may. May I? May, you've been a rollercoaster. What's New? So much and so little have happened this month! Some days felt they would never end, others ended too quickly. Overall, it's been good. I've been feeling alive.  Remember when I started talking about a Publishing degree? Well, it turned out there... Continue Reading →

This Is The End

I have been listening to Adele and feeling very dramatic this week. Don't be fooled by the title, I am only talking about the end of the year, and with it comes the usual wrap-up! I am combining both December and 2016 wrap-ups before jumping with both feet into my second blogging year. What's New?... Continue Reading →

August Wrap-up!

Summer is gone. And with it, the lazy days spent trying to not melt, the cruel heatwaves that won't let you sleep correctly, the mosquitoes (a girl can hope!), and the little amount of free time you can get when you don't have to work. Let's go back to business! What’s new? Hair. My hair... Continue Reading →

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