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February 2017 Wrap-Up

Is it just me or did the shortest month of the year felt like the longest one? I am under the impression so much happened this month that there were really 90 days to February rather than the usual 28. Maybe it is just my brain trying to hold on to the winter by secretly making hours count double and days stretch more than my legs during a yoga session. Anyway, this is the end!


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September Wrap-up

I know it is a cliché 90% of us use at the beginning of a wrap-up post but HOW THE HELL IS IT THE END OF SEPTEMBER? I have recollections of the beginning of the month when I started the paperwork for university, then my birthday, and endless hours waiting for the mail guy to deliver my package, and suddenly October knocks on the door. Can I get those days back? I really need them. Plus, the weather cheated. It’s still summer here. Where is the cold??
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June Wrap-Up!

June, its summer days, the holiday starting… Nope, let’s do it again. June, its cold and rainy days, its hectic schedule. It sounds more like it.

june wrap up

What’s New?

I don’t have any complaints regarding June. No wait, I have one. The Euro. I won’t send my thanks to the guy who had the terrible idea to host games here and create a fan zone.

My mother went back to our hometown, leaving me with the task of taking care of her dog. I spent the week with a death threat hovering over my head if anything should happen to her cutie. Living with two dogs with opposite personalities was fun, most of the time. I was not so happy to be waken up at 6am.

Last week, my student dream job became available. The university published an ad to recruit new assistants for all their libraries. I was over the moon when I noticed the English library was looking for someone too. Of course, I applied. When the answer came back 4 hours later, I was shocked. First because no one in that administration had ever replied to an email in less than a day. Second, because they had scheduled an interview for the week to come. But. Because there is always a but. Only when I agreed for the date of the interview did I spot the little warning telling me that the contract did not say 26hours a week but 26hours for the entire semester. There is a HUGE difference. I am going anyway, 26 hours in a library playing with the stamps and scolding students returning their books late is better than no job. Or a summer job handing ice creams on the beach. Or night shifts counting bottles of medicine. Or staying home. The interview went very well, but someone applied before me so now my fate depends on the other candidate’s answer.

Oh, and I bought beauty products. Yes, I know my life is very exciting! Now off to the most interesting part of my days:

Books I read in June

Portmanteau (Review next week)

The Dali Deception (Review here)

The Last Billable Hour (Review here)

The Scorch Trials (review later)

The Death Cure

The Raven Boys (Review here)

Crown of Midnight (Review Saturday 2nd July)

The Stepmother (Review to come)

Book Reviews of Stories I read in May

the little french guest house

Book Review: Travel to France with The Little French Guesthouse, by Helen Pollard

Books I purchased

On June 1st, I decided to go on a book buying ban…

I know. I must have misunderstood the concept. It is not that bad. I managed to buy less than in May. I promised myself to behave for the summer.

Books I received for review

Of course, the ban involved book requests. I blame The Stepmother for luring me to NetGalley again. I requested My Husband’s Son and Yoga Beyond The Mat in May, so they don’t count, right? I can’t help it if I was approved in June…!

Books I won

this fragile life

I want to thank Jenny at Neverland Blog Tours for hosting a giveaway and Kate Hewitt for sending me a copy of her book. I really like the colors of the cover.

Book of The Month Award

At 4.51am a few nights ago, I realized something was missing on my blog. A Book of the Month Award! This way, when the time will come to publish my favorite books of the year, all I will only have to go back to the wrap-up posts and check the monthly award. Aren’t I a clever girl?

Because I still couldn’t sleep, I wondered about the best way to decide which story deserves the recognition and a shiny waffle made of paper napkin. The easiest solution would be to take the book with the highest rating, but sometimes the books that stay with you are not the ones you expect. This month’s winner came to me as I was writing the beginning of this post.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 21.11.06

My favorite book in June came from Adam Maxwell. The characters of The Dali Deception are still in my head, even after a few weeks. I changed my mind about high-risk heists. I find them so much more interesting and exciting now that I have gained an insight into what it takes to pull off such a job. The sequel is at the top of my most anticipated books!

Blogging life

I was less productive than I hoped to be in June. Still, I am satisfied with what I wrote and I am slowly getting used to scheduling.

Hype or Like Friday



Discussion posts and lists

This Week In Books

That’s a wrap! How did June treat you? Do leave your wrap-up link in a comment below and I’ll pop a visit!