Something in the Air…

Is it the wafts of illegal drugs you can catch when walking down a street or the smell of mulled wine? I don’t know but I have noticed a peak in blogging happiness. Top of the Year posts pop up like ads for elderly people diapers or expensive shoes. I like reading blog posts. I... Continue Reading →

Hello, how are you?

Are you a fan of Sundays? All shops are closed, people are in their own world, the TV only offers reruns of bad shows. But it means less noise, more time to yourself, and hours to put to good use! Today, I feel like sharing something personal (again!). You've been warned! Hello… How are you?... Continue Reading →

This Week in One-Liners

The last couple of days have been... eventful, to say the least. I am not at my best, and I need to vent. This is when I remember this blog is not all about books but also about me, about how we feel, and all your fabulous comments have spurred me to share this little... Continue Reading →

Suntag: The Mental Health Tag

Remember when I said I was slowly learning about vlogging as I went with the flow? Well, the duration thing did not stick, and this video is even longer than the one before :p Which means you don't need to watch it. But... But I am posting it anyway. Why? Because the subject is close... Continue Reading →

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