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Publish Me Not! Or How I Did Not Know a Thing about Publishers until I Started Blogging #OrendaMonth #Suntag?

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I have a confession to make. Before I started blogging, I had no clue and no interest in knowing which company published what. For me, it was all about the book. I did not even care that much about the author’s name, that tells you something! I was a seeker for stories, but I never looked at the entire package. A cover and a blurb were enough to catch my interest and I could not have cared less about details.
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Launching the #OrendaMonth on chocolatenwaffles!! #PublisherSpotlight @OrendaBooks

When you have been blogging for a while and have witnessed firsthand amazing ideas being brought to the community, you want to give it a try too. Now, I don’t claim to be good enough or very creative to come up with something that is going to blow your mind, but I thought maybe there was a little special feature that I could try and share, for the sake of stepping out of my comfort zone again and taking my blog on a fun stroll.

I hereby officially introduce introduce you to the Orenda Books Month!


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Today on Donna’s Anatomy

I just realized this title sounds weird and somehow dirty. But what I have to tell you is neither weird or dirty. This is a small update on why there was no review last week and why there will be less reviews for the remaining months of the year. Also, It is a little apology to the authors and publishers who have trusted me with their work.

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Now that the subject of the post is clear (me, me, me!), let me say I’m not going on holiday after I won the lottery (unfortunately!) It turns out my health requires me to slow down on reading and blogging once again. Some wires in my brain have stopped functioning correctly. That is all I understood from my doctor’s speech. Doctors should have their own interpreter!
One of the results is a tiring tiredness (my teacher would hate me for that!) who makes me forget what you just said, what I just said, how to properly attach a leash to a dog or what the hell I was going to do in the kitchen.

As you can guess, issues with memory make writing reviews or posts a tiny bit more difficult!
I cannot bring myself to go on hiatus because it would mean leave the most part of my social life behind, and I would go berserk in a week. Make it three days. Instead, I will take more time to read, meaning my Wednesday posts will become quite boring! Also, reviews might become slightly different and contain less critical content. I will do my best to keep them worth reading, but I have already noticed changes and I wanted to apologize if you feel the quality suffers from this.
I have closed my blog to review requests for now and will stay away from NetGalley (this can only be good for my ratio!)
I will keep commenting as much as possible, but with a smaller time frame, I might miss a few posts. As blogging is now an important part of my life, I felt this post was necessary!

For authors and publishers: I will of course fulfill all of my engagements, I just need a little more time to work. If your book has not been reviewed yet, I apologize for the delay and will do my best to publish very soon!

The now-recurring personal post is over! I wish you all a great week, and plenty of brilliant reads and waffles!