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The Pub Corner: You Don’t Put Donna in a Box

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An innocent question we are often asked. Well, the layman version is “What kind of books do you read” and I have to answer that at every family gathering.

There is no right or wrong answer. We’re allowed to enjoy several genres, even ALL genres if we want to! Why not? No one will smack your head with an encyclopedia if you cross an invisible line and pick a book they don’t expect you to.

But I did notice that the more I read, the pickier I become. When I started blogging, I would say “Oh, I love crime stories, but nothing too gruesome.” Fair enough. Since then, I learned a lot about my reading habits and genres.

I can now proudly say I cannot resist a psychological thriller, that the suspected husband trope is my downfall, and that I would give all my chocolate bars for a well-executed police investigation or my collection of socks for an unreliable character to root for.I look for details that make a good book an excellent one, I swear and I get frustrated when my expectations aren’t met. Books taught me a lot about myself, what I can take, and what I’d better stay away from. I believe this is the difference between a casual reader and the devourers of books that we are. Our brains get trained to look for certain things, our nails accept the fact they will be bitten because of a chilling story, our eyes learn to fly over the pages. We just grow with every story.

But I refuse to be put in a box!


I call this freedom. And we are free to open up to the entire world. Or worlds. Assuming your favorite genre doesn’t put you in said genre’s jail.


Because despite my unconditional love for women in terrible situations or hard-boiled detectives, I can also appreciate different dishes and learn to enjoy other things. Battles (when they are not too long!) cheesy moments, meetings with fae, the making of viruses. It usually requires a little more effort on my part to get into those stories, but stepping out of your comfort zone can be so rewarding. I have learned about and from fairy tales, magic realism, coming of ages stories. I must admit they also are very welcome after a row of very very heavy and dark stories!

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I say yes to favorite genres and no to limitations! I say yes to readers making the jump to try new things! Go out there, pick that book (no, not Lolita, it’s not worth it!)

The world is gigantic and your next adventure is waiting. Maybe try a different shelf! 😉

This was a (useless) message from the Bookish Organization of Donna shared with you after a terrible fight interesting discussion about the importance of opening our minds to different genres, cultures, countries, and authors.


Where’s your comfort zone? Do you dare step out of it? 

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Blog Therapy n°2: Mental Health Month and Election Day

May is Mental Health Month. Thanks for blogging or I would never have known! Okay, it might be because it’s an American thing and I do not currently live there. But mental health is important everywhere and I wish my country would take such initiatives.

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As you may know, today is a big day for France. We are voting to elect our next president. When I woke up with morning, I had the same pit in my stomach as I had the day the orange puppet of a US President was elected. This doesn’t bode well.

They say “Don’t talk politics if you want to keep your friends.” Well, for me today, it’s vote for worse or worst. I do not recognize myself in either party or face representing it. The placards everywhere don’t help, they make me want to run over them. (If you disagree, it’s fine. All opinions are valid here.)

Then you have the TV coverage. Hours of debat. Scandals. Who did what. Who hid what. I feel the world has lost sight of what is important and we are rushing through space into a giant wall.

Now, what’s the link between Mental Health and the election, except that both make me want to scream and hide? I can’t recall one of our candidates mentioning the subject of mental illnesses. Security, terrorism, money. Oh, they love those! It creates a fearful atmosphere and keeps people scared of their neighbors. And I realized this relentless talking about the scenarios, the plans, the numbers, had an effect on me and my anxiety. All this fuss which is supposed to bring us together and unite a nation, bear the values of a country, have only managed to make me sick.

So today, I’m voting. Then I’m shutting myself out from everything.

Mental health is about taking care of yourself. Today more than ever for me.

I decided I needed a post to vent, and to share my ways of taking a step back and be gentle with myself. So here is my plan for the next 24 hours!

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The Pub Corner: The Art of Reviewing (discussion post)

Hello! It turns out the Orenda Month had a bigger impact on me than I thought and I did not feel like writing… Until today! Instead of a review, I wanted to grab a glass and chat about what I call the Art of Reviewing, or how we blogger put our hearts and souls into a demanding exercise!

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#OrendaMonth The Team’s Tree:The Roots aka the amazingly talented Karen Sullivan @OrendaBooks


How does a tree live? What makes it so strong and beautiful? (Yes, I’m feeling poetic…) Its ROOTS of course! And the Orenda Books Tree is so lucky to have the amazing, sweet and very talented Karen Sullivan at its top. Or bottom, if I keep the roots thing. Anyway, you get the idea! The point here is that today you can find out more about the big boss in this special “5 Facts About” !

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#OrendaMonth The Team’s Tree: The Branches (final part) @OrendaBooks


This is the end. I feel like quoting Adele and being dramatic. Here is the last bunch of awesome people working at Orenda Books and taking part in the 5 Facts posts! I have had a blast putting this facts and I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about Orenda Books’ fabulous authors as much as I did!

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#OrendaMonth The Team’s Tree: The Branches (part 3) @OrendaBooks


Sundays are for lazy hours of reading brunches! And brunches would not be the same without lovely and interesting people to share it with, so here are some of the most talented of Orenda Books’s team for you to have a good time with! (I’m writing this at noon, I’m hungry, excuse the brunch introduction!)

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