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Suntag!: 10 Things about Me (Vlog)

Happy Sunday!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really like Sundays. It started when I worried about going back to school the next day, then it was all about shops and everything being closed so there was nothing to do, and now I’ve discovered the countryside is invaded by rude people every weekend…

So I wanted to make this one a fun one!… With a Suntag in Video!

going live

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Suntag: Anything But Books Tag!

Summer rhymes with fun, so does sun! Okay, I should stay away from the outdoors and get to the point! It’s time for a new Suntag! I was nominated by the ever lovely/talented/funny Orang-Utan Librarian and if you haven’t been there yet, you deserve a little slap on the hand! You’re missing out on amazing discussion posts, fabulous reviews that make me jealous (I wish I could analyze stories the way you do!!) and general awesomeness!


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Suntag: The Cookie Book Tag!

This blog is becoming too serious! We need some bookish fun today, so I decided to resurrect my favorite non-review posts: the Suntag! On top of it, it’s ABOUT FOOD! I’ve been nominated by the adorable and fab Beth @ Reading Every Night and the lovely and great Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger! Thank you so much, ladies!

suntag cookie.png

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Suntag: Get to Know Me Better

Okay, we need to talk. We’ve been into this relationship long enough… I feel there are things about me you need to know…


I was not formally tagged for this but I really liked Michelle’s post (find it here) and I thought it would be a nice change as for once, books are not the center of attention. What do you mean, I am self-centered?! I just like talking about myself… or not. If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a fun and light post, not to be taken seriously!

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Suntag: The Happiness Tag

Let’s be honest, we need all the happiness we can find to face the news. Unless you’ve been hibernating in the middle of the Canadian forest, you know dark times are here and we need covers of little joys to keep warm as well as walls of happiness to keep the hope alive and well. So today, let’s do the Happiness Tag! I was not exactly tagged for this one but I stumbled upon in on lovely Beth’s blog. You should go read hers, as well as her unique and fantastic reviews and posts if you haven’t already. That would make you feel better about the world.


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Suntag: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

In honor of the 8th season of Gilmore Girls released very very soon on Netflix, I present you my take on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge!

rory gilmore reading challenge.png

A few months ago, innocent and ignorant, I was reading posts on WordPress when something caught my eye. *suspense* My hero Kat @ Life and Other Disasters mentioned a TV show I had seen glimpses of over the years but always deemed a bit stupid. I know, I know! Don’t throw me virtual tomatoes just yet!!
Surprised that I had not even given a chance to this popular show, Kat urged me to watch. And it was the end of my free time for a few weeks. I binge-watched episodes faster than Lorelai can come up with witty remarks. And I don’t regret a thing. Gilmore Girls is TV show at its best and if you haven’t watched it yet, just get away from this page and go on Netflix!
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Suntag: Celebrating The Little Things


This has to be one of my favorite tags. There’s something in the air (or maybe on the news) that makes me want to spread the love. Thanks so much to Kat @ Life and Other Disasters for tagging me. I feel honored to be counted as one of her friends (*happy waffle dance*) I doubt you don’t already know her blog because it’s too good to miss, but in case a temporal paradox has prevented you from stumbling across her blog, go and check it right now!
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