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Unplanned Personal Ramblings: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sometimes I write. I don’t pretend to be good at it, I just want to put words on emotions to let them go. I feel tired today, and thinking of my friends presenting their thesis is part of the reason this Tuesday is a little harder than every other one. So for the first time, I am sharing something I wrote. This is not a review. Neither a post about anxiety and how I deal with it. I don’t even know what it is. But it is how I feel today.

I am not looking for sympathy or whatever, I just have a feeling sharing, putting it out of my mind and my laptop folder will help me move forward. Everything passes.

So here it is.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.11.16.png

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Why I’ve put blogging on the back burner and why you won’t hear much from me until June 1st!

This is a “what is happening in my life post”!

With the end of an era… *dramatic music in the background* comes the assessment time we all dread. Or not. In fact, I am not dreading it at all. I have been waiting for this day.


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5 Things Not to Say to a Book Lover If You Want To Make It to the Second Date!

A few days ago, I was sitting in Communication class, listening to my favorite teacher talking about how we use or are used by the media, and the discussion moved to communities, and bloggers, and the things we have in common that the Internet allows us to blabber about and be happy together. It made me think of how my love for books has invaded my life, on top of my studies, and how I react as a book lover to any given situation. Yep, my mind likes to keep busy and go in million ways. And I was angry and I missed blogging. Hence, this post!

book lover date.png

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What I Make of December: My Very Own Little Christ…Thanksgiv..Well, Post.

If you’ve been around for a while, you already know it. If you are new, let me tell you Christmas time is not very welcome around here. Forced gatherings, fake smiles, compulsory gifts. I don’t care for any of it. Don’t talk to me about the Christmas spirit, I haven’t seen it in years! Plus, I don’t have a chimney. This totally ruins the thing.


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Blog Therapy n°1: First Setback (mental health post)

What do you do when your next appointment with the doctor is 17 days from now?

You talk. More precisely, you talk to yourself. Then you think it is not enough. In order to benefit from its calming powers, this kind of ramblings must be shared. So, you talk to yourself through your blog. Isn’t what a blog is for? I have started to see Chocolate’n’Waffles as my private therapist. FREE therapist, something that you can’t find in real life these days! It calms me down when I’m restless, it keeps me busy when my mind is clouded with the wrong thoughts, it is the best escape door. And it is a good tool to let your emotions go and bother people with them, haha! This is a post you can skip if you don’t want to read about anxiety today, as I doubt I’ll be talking about books, unless it is to say I threw one at someone!


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Suntag: The Happiness Tag

Let’s be honest, we need all the happiness we can find to face the news. Unless you’ve been hibernating in the middle of the Canadian forest, you know dark times are here and we need covers of little joys to keep warm as well as walls of happiness to keep the hope alive and well. So today, let’s do the Happiness Tag! I was not exactly tagged for this one but I stumbled upon in on lovely Beth’s blog. You should go read hers, as well as her unique and fantastic reviews and posts if you haven’t already. That would make you feel better about the world.


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26 Turning 9

It feels weird to write a post about your birthday, a bit self-centered, but I’ll live with it. I don’t want to pressure you into wishing me a happy birthday and sending me cake, although the cake would be appreciated. But it’s that time of the month. No, not that time. The “Let’s Get Personal” time.

So, according to my ID I’m turning 26. According to my mother, I’m turning 6, again and forever. According to me, I’m turning into an even more cynical and bitter version of myself.

I did not always hate my birthday. I had the best of times when I moved into my first apartment and all my family thought it would be so cool to offer me furniture and stuff to make that place my home instead of books or make up. I thank them for that, because the place would have been empty otherwise. I had an awesome night at the pub for my 23rd birthday. I am so glad I don’t recall everything that happened that night. I had a crazy birthday night in Japan, trying to remember everyone’s name and taking the subway a little drunk at midnight (Am I the only one who can get drunk with only 4 cans of something containing a ludicrous 3% of alcohol in it?! I miss those cans.)

But generally speaking, I’m not a fan of my birthday. Blame it on family members and bad luck. More recently, blame it on a crazy mental health and bad luck. But most of all, blame it on that stupid comparison to others and what they have achieved at the same age, or worse, younger. I know I should not because it’ll give me wrinkles before my time.

So there will be disappointment, and maybe even a few tears. Yes, I’m emotional so let’s take bets: happy tears or sad tears?
But I was inspired by Jenny @ Jenny In Wonderland, whose birthday was earlier this month (Happy birthday again!). Like her, I ponder about all the things I haven’t done yet and I am not the shiniest person to be with on my special day. But that does not mean I can’t celebrate my victories, big or small. I can keep comparing, or I can remember all the things I survived, like my first white hair and too many dentist appointments.

So while I am stuffing my face with lemon cake (special thanks to Claire for the recipe) and having a Suits marathon, you can discover 26 things I have achieved, been, seen or experienced.

#1 Lived on my own

#2 Went skying

#3 Raised my baby dog to be the sweetest and most adorable cutie ever


#4 Traveled to Spain and Portugal

#5 Went on many yoga workouts (No, I won’t post pictures, they’re embarrassing)

#6 Overcome my dentist phobia

#7 Learned to drive


(Because there’s no birthday without DT)

#8 Never gave up on my dream

#9 Kicked agoraphobia’s ass once already

#10 Shared a bathroom with no shower cubicle with 30 other girls  (for a prude like me, it’s a miracle I did it)

#11 Went to my teenage years favorite band’s concert


#12 Bought my first car alone

#13 Put together every piece of furniture in the house

#14 Became a pub regular (not an alcoholic!)


#15 Went from a good student to a studying-machine to get into Ritsumeikan University

#16 Forgave

#17 Survived school


#18 Paid for university and provided for myself thanks to student jobs

#19 Rescued and adopted a deaf dog

#20 Found a friend for life

#21 Lived alone in Japan


(Yes it is a terrible picture and I have a thousand others with amazingly mind-blowing landscapes but look, a bookstore!! And because we are in Japan, it’s open from 10 to 25. Yep, 25. Weirdly I never saw that hour when I was there)

#22 Went to the movies and ate way too much pop corn

#23 Became a tutor


#24 Demonstrated for our rights and against laws and projects (Once a French, always a French)

#25 Won a paintball game

#26 Fought like hell for my mother, because it’s always been us against the world

If you made it this far, thank you so much for losing 4 minutes and 37 seconds of your day, here’s a hug.


This is the end of the self-centered and useless post of the day! Next week will be all sun and fun with a tag! I just wanted it to be a reminder that we all compare ourselves to others sometimes, that small things matter, and that every road is different.

Do you like birthdays or do you hide in your room and turn off the phone until it is over?