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@JenLGilmour does it again for the good cause: The Instagram Positive Challenge!

Did you know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month? I did not! But my dear friend Jennifer always makes sure we get the information needed to never forget the fight and the help required to stop this!

In honor of this awareness month, she has created an Instagram Challenge and we are all invited to take part! I love Instagram, I love Jen, I love the idea, and I want in! My pictures are never good but it’s fun and it’s useful, so here I am!

Want to join me?

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A New Blank Page: Self-Care September

After a full year with no break, no stop, no *red card, get your bottom to the bench*, September eventually arrived.

I have given everything I had during the last twelve months, for better or for worse. I have had the most amazing times, and the worst ones. The circle is complete.

I am a new person. Some might say I am an adult, but right now I am in my PJs and listening to Taylor Swift while eating cake, so I disagree.

I have put my studies, others’ needs, work, and a lot of things before my own needs for 365 days. No, I am not complaining, I am happy about most of it! But it’s time for some self-love, self-care, and fun. Sometimes we forget what we do all of these things for. I decided to remind myself of what’s important (and it is okay if most of what I write is about me!)

What I’m going to do this September…

  • Celebrate my birthday without cringing and without expecting anything but a nice and cool normal day.
  • Stop saying yes to blog tours

holy shit

  • Enjoy my one-day trip to London
  • Listen to my anti-agoraphobia program again
  • Move house (and lose a few fingers, get crazy, start screaming when things will get messy… The usual consequences of a move)
  • Make the most of Bloody Scotland
  • Change my glasses
  • Resume watching Suits
  • Create the flamingo dance!


  • Keep fighting mental illnesses with gentleness
  • Relax
  • Give Krav Maga a new try
  • Blog for fun only
  • (this is valid from now until 31th December) Empty my NetGalley queue and the author review requests I have let pending for way too long.


  • Wear my Orenda nail polish every day
  • Sing
  • Resume my vocabulary-building routine
  • Tell myself I am beautiful


  • Keep making it happen
  • Make appointments for the dogs to be groomed again
  • Be awesome


  • Be silly with my speaking English practice


  • Stop worrying about money
  • Give love to my friends


  • Reduce social media to one hour per day (watch me fail at this!)
  • Stop waiting for approval from people. I know what I have achieved and what I am capable of.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 17.48.55

  • Keep being kind but not stupid
  • Buy new underwear
  • Be happy
  • Care more about what’s important, throw away the rest!
  • Have fun with the self-care challenge from Jenny
  • Be thankful for my friends and the support I receive.

That’s it. A wee post to welcome September! I hope you have a great month, filled with books, of course!

I am here should you need a laugh, a shoulder (or at least a venting friend cos I can’t send my shoulder away on its own), or just a chat.

Ps: not sorry for the Suits gifs spam.

Let’s make September a good one!


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A Frenchie in London Week 2 and 3 @annecater @TheAngelaClarke @KatherineSunde3 @JenMedBkReviews @OrendaBooks @KimTheBookworm @nholten40

I know! I’m cheating! But the thing is there are not enough hours in the day! (We all hate this universal fact, don’t we?) To avoid posting the longest Wrap-Up post later, here are what I have been doing these past two weeks!

Ps: Time Flies! Send help!


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Unplanned Personal Ramblings: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sometimes I write. I don’t pretend to be good at it, I just want to put words on emotions to let them go. I feel tired today, and thinking of my friends presenting their thesis is part of the reason this Tuesday is a little harder than every other one. So for the first time, I am sharing something I wrote. This is not a review. Neither a post about anxiety and how I deal with it. I don’t even know what it is. But it is how I feel today.

I am not looking for sympathy or whatever, I just have a feeling sharing, putting it out of my mind and my laptop folder will help me move forward. Everything passes.

So here it is.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.11.16.png

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