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Dreams: #TooNearTheDead by Helen Grant @helengrantsays FledglingPress @lovebooksgroup @lovebookstours 

Sometimes it’s terrifying, loving someone this much…

For Fen Munro and her fiancé James, it is a dream come true: an escape from London to a beautiful house in the stunning Perthshire countryside.

Barr Dubh house is modern, a building with no past at all. But someone walks the grounds, always dressed in lavender. Under a lichenous stone in an abandoned graveyard, a hideous secret lies buried. And at night, Fen is tormented by horrifying dreams. 

Someone wants Fen’s happiness, and nothing is going to stop them – not even death…

Fen and her fiancé James do what most of us have been contemplating recently: move from London to the beautiful countryside. Aren’t they lucky? Well… 

I am not a fan of ghosts stories or supernatural elements in novels. It takes a lot to convince me. I knew I wanted to read Too Near The Dead because I adored Helen Grant’s previous novel Ghost. I had faith in the author’s ability to shush my down-to-earth mind and take me down dark and shady paths that would give me goosebumps. I was right. 

If you are looking for the most exquisite prose at the service of an unsettling, powerful, and creepy story, Too Near The Dead is the perfect read for you! 

A beautiful house with no neighbours. Barr Dubh is modern, spacious, and the right fit for Fen and James, copy-editor and author, to work from home and get all the peace in the world. 

If your definition of peace includes strange sounds, visions of lavender, and the most troubling events. 

No effort is required from the reader to be fully absorbed by the book. The characterisation is solid from the start, it is easy to follow Fen as she gets used to her new life (or not!) Helen Grant has a knack for building a strong enough setting to support a full novel. Barr Dubh is a main character here. The why and how comes to you in the most terrifying ways. But you’ll keep reading. As I did. Because there is no way you can take your eyes off the vivd pictures and scenes created by the author. Some chapters left me holding my breath as the words worked their magic and led me down roads I would have been too scared to go on my own. 

If the house is new, why is there an abandoned graveyard? Who is walking around wearing lavender? Those questions flung back and forth in my mind as I was following Fen, wondering how much of her personality was tainting my views of the events. Fen wants to understand why the house she fell in love with is keeping her on edge. Something is wrong… Terribly wrong. And it makes for a terribly good read! 

All along, there was an undercurrent of unease, like a muffled melody in the background. A very sinister one! As the story progressed, I realised I was totally ensnared in the house, fascinated by what I was reading, and turning each page a little faster. 

Too Near The Dead is a tragic dark tale of love, happiness, and life. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can grab your copy here

My thanks to LoveBooksTours and Fledgling Press for letting me be part of the tour!

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