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Squares Everywhere: People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd @MantleBooks

Title: People Like Her
Author: Ellery Lloyd
Publisher Mantle Books
Date of publication: 2021
Genre: Thriller
Source: I bought it!

Followed by millions. Hunted by one.

I need to be liked. It’s my job

My personal brand is built on honesty.
Family, friendship, cheering other mothers on when things get tough.
Doing it together – telling it like it really is – that’s what @the_Mamabare is all about.

I just want a quiet life

Her adoring followers feel like they understand my wife.
My wife certainly understands them.
I know she is beautiful, smart, ambitious, charming.
But she’s also a liar.

I want revenge

The filter’s about to drop.
I’ve been watching you and your family very closely.
You’ve ruined my life.
Now I’m going to ruin yours.

What a book! 😮

Let me try again… 

What a SCARY book. And yet… But… 

I am so conflicted! My emotions are all over the place and thoughts fling back and forth in my mind. This is how I know a book is strong 😍

People Like Her was a Bookstagram buy. I am guilty as charged. Eye-catching cover and a plot revolving around Instagram? Count me in! 

What I thought I’d read about: 

  • Regular Instagram fun people falling into a mean trap
  • At least one likeable main character

What I actually read about:

  • An Instamum of the scariest kind. Big following, big head. I could NOT believe how Emmy handled every situation according to how it could/would serve her and her social media business. I felt the urge to slap her as many times as her posts got likes! I could not connect to her in any way, despite being an Instagram addict myself. I think the line lies in the fact I mostly do it for fun, even if it’s also part of my job. I remember thinking “I’d never use my kids like this to earn money and turn my account into Dogmamabare!!!’… Then I remembered how many pics of my dogs are online. I guess it’s about perspective and trying not to judge too harshly… Still, the authors take it to the next level with Emmy. They really do. The worst thing is: it felt real. It’s probably a realistic portrayal of the lives of some Insta people. I don’t envy them. 
  • A crazy family. For a long time, I was on the husband’s side. He seemed to have both feet on the ground, not on a virtual platform, and was feeling the natural unease that comes with sharing your personal life online for money. But at the end of the day, the only characters worth saving are the best friend and the kids!
  • Did I mention I hated Emmy? I mean it. Hated. But she’s one of those characters you love to hate. She is the image of what I loathe and stay away from. More than once, I believed that the authors would slowly make her grow and change… I was unprepared for the unexpected changes that the different twists brought!!! 
  • Of course, we are all aware that Instagram only shows us what others want us to see, and honesty is a concept that has different meanings… This read was a good and refreshing reminder not to let the glowing squares blind us!

People Like Her made me angry and sad and scared of social media. Yet, it was not as radical as you’d think. Yes, it definitely makes you want to delete your Instagram account, or at least reassess your presence there (says the woman sharing her review on Instagram and other social media platforms! 😂) but there’s light, a little ray of hope that reminds us social media also help people feel less lonely, find their tribe, share the good and not so good, discover new things… The difference is in the balance and the reasons why you created your account! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Original, thrilling, and chilling!

You can get your copy on Amazon or Bookshop

15 thoughts on “Squares Everywhere: People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd @MantleBooks”

  1. This sounds thrilling and scary. I sure would feel angry with character like that.
    I have seen people worry so much about their growth on Instagram and feel sad when they don’t get likes or feel down when the group is not working. I wonder why it’s so important and takes priority over everything and even your mental health! I’m glad just focusing on content and promoting blog through it.
    Amazing review, Meggy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! I understand the need for numbers and reach for business, esp as a publicity person for a publisher, but it can be so toxic. I wish people would just enjoy Instagram for what it is: a way to have fun and share that fun. That’s how I see it. I post what I want because it makes me happy, and if I get a like, that’s nice, but if I don’t, it’s okay. Thanks so much, lovely! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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