Farewell January 2021!

I don’t know about you, but I thought this year’s January was the fastest in the history of Januarys. I put Januarys in the same box as Mondays (although I am doing better at appreciating Mondays) so it was a delightful surprise to not see the days drag and make it more painful than the beginning of a new year has to be!

What I read in January

I hate that I can’t count the manuscripts I read for work, haha! This being said, most books brought me immense joy and I feel I’ve been pretty much spoiled by the stories and their authors.

What I reviewed in January

I’ve noticed that I don’t read and review quick enough, so I’ve split my reads and reviews part for the wrap-up!

You can totally see why I say January was a good reading month from the number of 5-star reviews… Either I’m going soft or… Who am I kidding? I’m not soft!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I can’t recommend Jem Tugwell’s novel enough. It is BRILLIANT!

The review

A real punch. An outstanding standalone with an unforgettable main character! Must-read!

The review

Original, addictive, crazy puzzle-like with the best format I’ve read!

The review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Makes you doubt everyone and yourself! Only the ending felt off, but 90% of the book was really gripping!

The review

What else happened around here?

I’ve shaken up the wrap-up process a bit as listing the books I’ve bought or received in a month was becoming stressful. I will probably add stuff along the way, so make sure you check out the wrap-ups!

I’ve made sure to share recommendations on Instagram all month, and I need to find a way to make my blog more enjoyable, as I can feel I am leaning more and more towards Instagram content! Whoops! I have been thinking a lot about the whole sharing we do on Twitter. Do we really read each other’s posts? I hope the answer is yes for you too.

I missed this week’s positivity wave as I do not currently have access to a real Internet connection (I’m using my phone for this post!) but it will be back next week.

I need to give serious thoughts to the future of this blog, as each post takes time to write, prepare, and schedule, and time is a resource that is quite limited at the moment!

On a happier note, I gave the blog a little makeover (again) because I wanted Yûki and Iris to appear!

I’ll stop now as I don’t want to use too much of my phone’s Data!

Stay safe, be kind, and enjoy the little moments!

Meggy x

16 thoughts on “Farewell January 2021!”

  1. i agree with you about January passing quickly, and, to be honest, I’ve enjoyed the start to the new year hoping to make the most of my time during lockdown. And yes, I agree, I hope you keep the blog going even with shorter posts. Maybe smaller and more often is doable? I know I’m trying new stuff too. Have a great February, Sweetie!


  2. Oh, you read manuscripts for work! Has that lessened your appetite for reading when you are off work? And please don’t feel you have to post – remember it is all meant to be fun! If Instagram suits you better, why not? I would be sorry if you give up your blog completely, but honestly I understand people who can’t find the time. I have the same problem. Good to see all the 5-star books you’ve read in Jan!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love seeing Yûki and Iris in your banner! They’re so getting used to you taking photos of them. I also love seeing Vox on your shelf again which means you haven’t gotten rid of it :-). I hope February will turn out to be as good as a reading month as January was with lots of 5 star reads (which won’t make the year end fav picks easy but you only have to worry about that later).


  4. I can see why you would want to add your works reading as you actually read so much more than what you added here. Still the books you read here sound like good ones.
    Loving your new blog look with the dogs 💞


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