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How Deep is Too Deep: #TheMemoriesWeBury by H.A. Leuschel @HALeuschel #bookreview

Title: The Memories We Bury
Author: H.A. Leuschel
Publication date: April 2020
Genre: psychological thriller
Format reviewed: ebook
Number of pages: 314

About the book

Lizzie Thomson has landed her first job as a music teacher, and after a whirlwind romance with Markus, the newlywed couple move into a beautiful new home in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Lizzie quickly befriends their neighbour Morag, an elderly, resourceful yet lonely widow, whose own children rarely visit her. Everything seems perfect in Lizzie’s life until she finds out she is pregnant and her relationship with both Morag and Markus change beyond her control.

Can Lizzie really trust Morag and why is Markus keeping secrets from her?

In ‘The Memories We Bury’ the author explores the dangerous bonds we can create with strangers and how past memories can cast long shadows over the present.

Helene Leuschel really knows what manipulation looks like, and she proves it again with The Memories We Bury. The big M work can take different faces, but subtle details always tell… Only when we’re ready to see them.

Newly married, just arrived in the neighborhood, music teacher Lizzie has what most would call a good life. To top it all, her new neighbor, a retired nurse, is a doll, always ready to help. It does sounds lovely, doesn’t it? I wish my neighbors were kind and helpful…

But soon, clouds appear in Lizzie’s blue sky. The news of her pregnancy doesn’t have the effect she expected on her husband. Oh, Markus, I really enjoyed disliking you. The author gifted him with personality traits I despise, and I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what Lizzie could love about him… It is really easy to pinpoint what’s wrong with someone when you’re outside looking in, and this book gives you the perfect example. Poor Lizzie doesn’t get to take a step back and de-zoom to see what her life is like. Thankfully, she finds a listening ear in Morag, her elderly neighbor.

I didn’t find Lizzie to be weak. A little naïve, maybe, but also doing her best for everything to go well, to be perfect. H.A. Leuschel always crafts her characters’ background to match their behavior, so even if you don’t always understand what drives them to do something, the explanation comes after a while, and you get the “Oh, I see” moment. I felt for Lizzie, and it was very difficult to see her dive into a black hole with no way to help!

When the baby arrives, Markus finds ways to avoid the house and the noise, but it doesn’t mean Lizzie is left alone. Oh no. Morag, good old Morag, always watchful, offers to give a hand and soon, Lizzie can’t imagine life without her. Nothing feels forced. The flow of days with a new born creates an opportunity for Morag to find a new purpose in life: be the best grandmother figure to the little bundle of joy next door.

Morag. My sixth sense began sending weird vibes my way from the start, but I had not expected her life story to be so complex.

Both Morag and Lizzie look nice on the outside, but carry scars that make one a perfect target, and the other a creepy and resourceful leech!

The Memories We Bury was a quick and engaging read. I really wanted to see what would happen to the characters, and I was not disappointed.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I enjoyed this book

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You can read an excerpt of The Memories We Bury here.

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