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Heads or Tails: #TheFlipSide by James Bailey @JBaileyWrites @MichaelJBooks @midaspr #BookTour

Title: The Flip Side
Author: James Bailey
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Date of publication: November 26th 2020
Format reviewed: e-copy
Number of pages: 354

It’s New Year’s Eve and Josh has a high-flying proposal planned. An exclusive pod on the London Eye, with champagne, truffles and the ring. It’s perfect.

Until she says no. And they have to spend the next 29 excruciating minutes alone together.

By the time Josh is back on the ground, his whole life is up in the air. He’s managed to lose his girlfriend, his job and his flat.

Realising he can’t trust his own judgement, Josh puts his faith in fate. From now on he will make every choice by flipping a coin. It’s reckless and scary, but Josh has tried the right way and look where he ended up.

And what if the girl of his dreams is just one flip of a coin away?

The Flip Side was the perfect read for my weekend and I truly believe it’s a winner if you need a delightful novel to put under the Christmas tree! Or as a birthday present. Or a ‘no reason’ present. Just buy a copy!

A romantic 28 year-old British guy losing the woman of his life, his home, and his job in a few minutes. When his girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, it doesn’t just break Josh’s heart, it also sends seismic waves to all parts of his life.

I am no romantic, but I fell for Josh and his take on life. He was sure he’d ticked all the boxes; he was doing what was expecting of him… so why did it go wrong?

We don’t get a manual when we are born, and we get to learn our lessons the hard way. Josh decides that he can’t trust himself with life decisions, and an epiphany hits him. He’s going to let it all in the hands of fate. Armed with a coin, he is going to flip it to get it right.

But can it be so easy? I can’t say I’ve never looked for signs, but wow, leave a coin dictate my choices? Nope! I’d rather own my mistakes, thank you very much. Still, the way Josh holds onto his coin as a life jacket, my heart broke for him. It was a really nice change to read from a man’s point of view. I didn’t find any clichés in The Flip Side. Instead, I found warmth, family, friends, and serendipity. I am fighting the ideas pressured on us by society – get the job of your life in your twenties, marry around 30, start a family… People change with the decades and this is no longer how we have to live. If that’s your plan, great! But I refuse to be pushed into that direction and feel the weight and guilt because I’m thirty, single and a freelancer!

Josh doesn’t get it easy. His job hunt is a dead end, he is living with his parents again, in a tiny village where everyone knows everyone… Not easy at all! We’ve all been there, thinking it can’t get worse, but unable to see a way out, thinking we must have done something wrong.

There is a lovely balance of seriousness and humor in the book. Life’s stages are blurred as Josh recovers, then discovers there is more to life than what he thought. The characters are endearing, and I felt I was visiting emotions along places. This was a wonderful experience.

The writing is fluid, smooth, and keeps you entertained. You spend a year with Josh, and believe me, you won’t see it pass! Reading The Flip Side was exactly what I needed to reset my mindset about many things, it was cute and fun, but also made me think about what I was doing, and I don’t know, I simply enjoyed reading about someone growing and learning, and it made me want to make some changes!

There’s also romance in this novel, and the author managed a miracle; I actually enjoyed this part the most. Who am I??? I thought the whole story was adorable, witty, fun, and cute. The kind of love you don’t allow yourself to dream about because it never happens… unless you find the right guy, if he exists. I must applaud James Bailey for creating a couple I rooted for, and a love that gave me hope. Me, the cynical, skeptical woman. Bravo!

I definitely recommend The Flip Side to anyone looking for a hug in a book. You won’t resist a cute guy and his adorable friends who are… you’ll see!  


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Good read!

Grab your copy!


I’d like to thank Ben at Midas for inviting me to be part of this book tour and for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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