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Red Dog Press Presents: The #WhispersInTheDark PARTY! @RedDogTweets @bloodbrospod @cmacwritescrime @mseancoleman @robparkerauthor

Tomorrow is a special day.

Tomorrow, a special book is unleashed.

Tomorrow, we celebrate crime fiction!

Have you met DI Erika Piper?

No? What’s wrong with you???

You have no excuse, as the first book in the series is currently 99p on Amazon! Grab it here!

At the time I read and reviewed A Wash of Black, I was not part of the Red Dog Team, so I guess it makes it okay for me to share my review again with you…

The Review!

Tomorrow, we get to celebrate the second book in the series. I am proud of the work Chris McDonald has done and very happy to share this day with my publishing team. Go Red!

We’re doing something special for this special book!

Indeed, we’ll be celebrating Whispers in the Dark with a live recording of the podcast Blood Brothers! Informal, fun, and with surprises to win, what’s not to love?

Register for free and join us tomorrow night!

Get your ticket!

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