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Take A Seat: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb @LoriGottlieb1 #MustRead #MustHaveOnYourShelf

Title: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
Author: Lori Gottlieb
Narrator: Brittany Pressley
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing
Date of Release: (audiobook) 09-05-19
Length: 14 hrs and 22 mins
Source: I bought it

Ever wonder what your therapist is really thinking? Now you can find out…a hilarious, thought-provoking and surprising new book that takes us behind the scenes of a therapist’s world.  

Meet Lori Gottlieb, an insightful and compassionate therapist whose clients present with all kinds of problems. There’s the struggling new parents; the older woman who feels she has nothing to live for; the self-destructive young alcoholic; and the terminally ill 35-year-old newlywed. 

And there’s John, a narcissistic television producer, who frankly just seems to be a bit of a jerk. Over the course of a year, they all make progress. But Gottlieb is not just a therapist – she’s also a patient who’s on a journey of her own. 

Interspersed with the stories of her clients are her own therapy sessions, as Gottlieb goes in search of the hidden roots of a devastating and life-changing event. 

Personal, revealing, funny and wise, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone opens a rare window onto a world that is most often bound by secrecy, offering an illuminating tour of a profoundly private process.


I am extremely picky when picking books about mental health. No matter the genre, no matter the author, I expect the best. I want realistic situations. I hope to be spared from clichés and lessons. Basically, I need someone who knows what they’re talking about.

I am happy to announce Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk To Someone is a marvelous example of non-fiction discussing what goes on in our heads. In fact, this book is not so much of a self-help book or a mental-health focused big boots book, although I did at times think “Hey, I totally can relate to that!” or “Hmm, that’s interesting. Better keep it in mind.” In fact, I paused the audiobook a million times and took so many quotes my reading journal is filled! But Maybe You Should Talk To Someone is actually a big bag of stories. Life stories. Death stories. Stories about idiots and ex-boyfriends. Every chapter binds together the author’s journey as a therapist and as a therapist’s patient! Ever wondered what’s inside your therapist’s head? I know I do! Truth be told, this book was the trigger. I made an appointment with my old psychologist when I finished listening to it. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for a couple of years but, as mentioned by Lori, there is a limit to what they can do. If you want to dig deeper, if you’re ready to face what’s troubling you, then psychotherapists have the tools to help.

Lori is an amazing therapist. She made me chuckle, she made me laugh, she made me pause and ponder. She reminded me that there is a person behind the desk. I am paying a professional to listen to me, but hey, I want, and I need someone on the other side. And on this other side is a human being with their own experience, issues, routine. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is hilarious, enlightening, and gives the therapist their humanity back. I remember wishing I could just call her and book an appointment!

Laurie listens to people. It’s her job. She’s not one of those weird ones who just nod and pretend to take notes. She engages in a discussion with every patient. She does her best not to judge, not to yawn. Then one day, she becomes the one in crisis! Her perfect boyfriend throws a bomb that shatters the life she had planned. Normal people seek help, so why shouldn’t she? When she realizes it’s not ‘just a phase’ she goes prowling for someone to talk to. Her therapist is fabulous! Wendell, oh, Wendell. There is something tremendously enjoyable in being able to see both sides. A therapist’s therapy. Very cathartic! It made Lori even more relatable! We tend to forget those who we think have the answers are just like us.

The book is filled with wisdom. The right kind. The sort of things you read/hear and go “That’s so true!” Exploring Lori’s journey in parallel to her patients’ was a revelation. She grows with every interaction. You can’t be a therapist if you don’t listen, and if you don’t take your own baggage to try and push the other person in the right direction. Slowly, Lori and the reader come to the same conclusion; the questions she deals with behind the door of her office are the same she is struggling with in her own life. Instead of making me go crazy and panicky to confess my stuff to someone as lost as I am, this clear appreciation that everyone hits walls reinforced my need to talk to someone.

Lori’s tone is often fun, sometimes dead serious, but everything comes from the heart. I could spend three hours talking about John, or Julie, and all the others, but it’s best if you meet them. Roll your eyes at what they say and do. Feel your heart grow heavy with what they’re going through. Feel human. Because the book is filled with humans and their questions. Humans and their facades. Humans and their fears. Humans, naked.

Yes, Maybe You Should Talk To Someone is about the naked universal truth. And how your best friends are not always the best at giving advice. Or how you’re not often your own friend. And how noodles are good. Oh, and the chapters all have the best titles. I would get a tingle of excitement with every new chapter. I relished spending time with our regular patients. I had the weird feeling I was in Lori’s office with them, just listening to what they had to say.

Most of all, this book reminded me I am not alone in this battle against my anxiety, my insecurity, and everything that I think is wrong with me. We need tools to get through life. All of us. And great quotes. Here are some of my favorites!

“Sometimes Hell is us.”

“I choose neither.”

“Not knowing is a good place to start.”

Do you see what Lori does? She puts into words the very things that eat away at us. This book is a real therapy in itself! Lori made me look into the mirror. She challenged me. I loved it.

I recommend Maybe You Should Talk to Someone to everyone. You don’t have to be dealing with any issues to enjoy the book. See it as a window into others’ lives. Have fun, discover, listen, and take what you need from it. I know I did. I often go back to it, to be honest. That’s how good it is.

Mental health wise: Lori makes several good points about treatments, differences in therapies. Her observations come from knowledge, never judgement. Do not believe this book is aimed at a particular kind of people. You have a head? You have a heart? (even if you pretend you don’t) Then grab the book! Or, the audiobook, as the narrator is absolutely amazing!  


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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LORI GOTTLIEB is a psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE, which is being adapted for TV with Eva Longoria. In addition to her clinical practice, she writes The Atlantic’s weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column and contributes regularly to the New York Times. She is sought-after in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN, and NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

Learn more at or by following her @LoriGottlieb1 on Twitter.

24 thoughts on “Take A Seat: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb @LoriGottlieb1 #MustRead #MustHaveOnYourShelf”

  1. This sounds like it would be best as an Audio book as you can get the real therapist feel of it.
    I guess I tend to forget there is a person with their own problems within the actual therapist. I’m sure this would be full of all the quotes that would be good for the review and good for life.
    Great review for a brilliant sounding book.
    Amanda xx


    1. Thank you so much, Jonetta. I am touched that you know how important this topic is and that you understand I was twice as careful with my review of this book as I would be for any other genre. I really think Lori’s stories are wonderful and wise, and can bring answers or enlightenment to readers. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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