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June’s Gone! Six months into 2020 #wrapup

2020 began six months ago. Can you believe it? I am torn. I feel like days are stretching forever and flying at at the same time. We’re entering summer, the season I dread every year! My enemy is the heat, so let’s hope this year, I don’t grill too much!

What did I review in June?

Favorite Book Alert

Three 5 ⭐️ reviews! Ain’t I lucky? I really urge all fans of amazing crime fiction… No wait, all readers, to get a copy of The Man On The Street, which made it on Val McDermid’s New Blood list.

Now I’m glad I’m not done writing my latest review or another book would have joined those three… See you next month to know which title I’m talking about!

The Man on the Street

The Day We Meet Again


Excellent read!

The Apartment

I love it!

To Tell You The Truth

Good read!

the first lie

The First Lie

I enjoyed this book

Sunshine and Second Chances

The Wives

The Book of the Month

Despite having three fabulous 5-star reads on the list, I have no doubt…

Books I added to my shelves

Thanks to Amanda @chocolatepages for recommending The Doctor, and to Noir at the Bar, Edinburgh for Seven Graves!

Special bookish posts

I was overwhelmed by the response my post about book blogging received. Thank you all!

9 Things I Learned About Blog Tours

I was also very happy to talk about The Rising Stars of the Theakson Old Peculiar New Blood.

Other Posts

The Positivity Waves are still going strong!

That’s a wrap on June! Have a safe and lovely July!

24 thoughts on “June’s Gone! Six months into 2020 #wrapup”

  1. Thanks for posting this !

    I’m a huge fan of Thrillers, Mystery and Horror ! 😀

    I just finished reading “Thirteen ” by Steve Cavanaugh

    And it’s a worth read !


  2. Thank you for my mention and I really hope you enjoy The Doctor as much as I did.
    I’m really looking forward to reading Fifty Fifty aswell. Both other books I’ve read by Steve C have been amazing and I’m fully expecting this one to be too.

    Summer is my favourite time of year. Shame we can’t swap so you have 2 winters and I have 2 summers. ☀️
    Wow 6 months gone! It’s too fast.
    Amanda xx


  3. Looks like you had a good month Meggy. I am not familiar with Trevor Wood, but will definitely check out this book, if it is your best this month.


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