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May I say Goodbye #wrapup #BookoftheMonth

What did I review in May?

All of May’s reviews with their ratings!

I have decided to use the star rating again. So far this year, I waited until I finished a month to rate all books depending on everything I’ve read, but from June onward, I will be adding the rating to my reviews when I post them.


Lucky me, with 5 full stars for two books!

Who We Were

No Signal

Excellent read!

My addiction to audio books got me real high this month!

The Split

Fair Warning

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love it!

Death of a Painter

Killing Minds

I Made a Mistake

Good read!

Harrow Lake

These Lost and Broken Things

Little Whispers

I enjoyed this book.

I found The Catch to be very entertaining. It’s the perfect read for this summer, but I did feel the characterization and plot were simpler than what I am used to when it comes to T.M. Logan’s work.

The Catch

I struggled with this book.

Honesty first, so here is my unpopular opinion on those books!


Dear Child

Book of the Month

Oh, my poor heart! Ooooh I have to choose, Oooooh why do I do this to myself????

Okay. Breathe in, breathe out.


There is something REALLY special with this book, and the series. I really believe every reader can have a brilliant time reading it!

Books I added to my shelves

Let’s try not to forget any!!!

Okay, I may have a problem with buying books… 🤣

It’s a wrap on May, which was a good bookish month. It saw me branch out to YA and historical fiction, and rethink my reviewing process!

I wish you a lovely June, plenty of books and reading time, and little joys to make you smile 😊

19 thoughts on “May I say Goodbye #wrapup #BookoftheMonth”

  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to start using star ratings again – I think they’re great for the readers of reviews. Sometimes it’s not always easy to tell when a reviewer likes a book or really, really likes it! I can’t help noticing you seem to be acquiring at least twice as many books as you’re reading… 😉


  2. I’m curious to see what you think of In Five Years. I read it in March and had mixed thoughts. I enjoyed it and it was surprising, but my feelings were just sort of inconclusive once I had finished.


  3. You make a good point about star ratings. I always star rate on goodreads and it does make our opinions clearer. Sometimes I just feel bad giving less than 3 stars, or even 4! But maybe I will consider this too for my blog.

    I’m so surprised at your book of the month. I knew you enjoyed it but more than any of the others! It must be fab .

    Amanda xx


    1. I feel bad too! Three stars is a good read for me, but I always think about how the author may be disappointed. Still, I feel the need to make things clearer for everyone so.. I’ll be brave!

      No Signal was the book I needed to remember there could be a future without a virus! xxx


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