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Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 56

Welcome to today’s Happy Friday! My remedy against feeling down is to make a list of all the good things in my life. It can be anything. Really, anything. The smallest gesture from a stranger can change your day, if you open your eyes. Now, I am a pessimistic and I need daily reminders to look for the bright side. Maybe you are too, or maybe the state of our world is weighing on you. In any case, here’s your shot at some happy things!

  • Getting the shower fixed! For WEEKS I was forced to hold the shower holder (thanks Jonetta for the right word!) but now, I can take hand-free showers again! Much better for the choreography going with my karaoke!
  • The babies were reunited with the dog-groomer! FINALLY!
not very happy about the whole exercise!
  • Whenever I feel low or in pain, I am lucky to just have to close my eyes and I’m back with my friends. I’m grateful for my closest friends, my blogging friends, and everyone who walks near me, online or in real life.
  • This lockdown made me realize I had been sliding on thin ice with my reviews. What I didn’t like wasn’t clear, and reading myself again, I discovered it was hard to tell if it was a 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 4,5 read so I’ve shaken things a bit. Reviews are not meant to be pleasant, they’re meant to be honest. I’m back on track! (doesn’t mean I don’t mean what I said in my recent reviews!)
  • PIZZA night!
  • I have been given some translating work, yay!
  • I’ve been sent e-copies of some wonderful new novels. My Kindle is enjoying the love it’s getting!
  • Pink day for pink ladies! With the high temperatures we are now getting, walks have become difficult, but we’re powering through until fall arrives!
  • Treating myself to more sweet things. Not too often, but enough so that it brings a smile to my face and butterflies in my stomach!

That’s it for this week! Take care, enjoy the little moments, and share the love!

26 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 56”

      1. Mmm that looks yummy and I’m not talking about the pizza for once because what’s on that, is it chicken or something? *shudders* 😂 Ah your post always brings a smile to my face, so great to see so many positives! xxx


  1. I love the new style of the furbabies natural coats. They are so adorable.🐶 I also have a tough time with my ratings. I find that based on the genre I read, the rating is different. What I expect from a cozy mystery is very different than what I expect from a thriller. Your treat looks very healthy, not like mine. 😁 Have a wonderful week Meggy.


    1. I can’t stop cuddling them, haha they’re tired of me!
      I think it’s difficult to rate and review when you begin blogging, but it’s also hard when you reach a certain point, with lots of books and genres.
      Haha, it was healthy and SO GOOD! Have a lovely week! xxx

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  2. I always love these posts! ❤ Your doggies are the cutest and I love how you all match in the last photo! That sweet treat looks divine and I'm going to copy you and have a pizza night tonight. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend! xx


  3. Loving the pink ladies💕. I’m the opposite of you, I’m loving the hot weather. Your cake looks scrummy, it has fruit on it too so it’s part good for you. 😉.
    Some happy waves from my side:
    Cake, always cake. I found the most delicious brownies from the local shop. I will be going back to get more.
    Receiving nice craft mail from my letterfriends.
    Somebody posted a bar of Cadbury chocolate through my door last week! No note, no idea who it was. But I’m grateful and happy to enjoy it.
    The sun is shining, this always makes me happier.

    Hope you will have lots more happy moments next week Meggy.
    Amanda xx


    1. I was happy to be coordinated with the babies 😀
      Should we swap? I am dreaming of the sea and a more tempered weather!
      Craft mail is so fantastic; it’s double pleasure to receive it!
      Wow, what a kind gesture!

      I wish you a lovely week xxxx


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