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Take a Walk on the Noir Side: Noir at the Bar, Edinburgh Edition May 7th 2020 @NoirBarEdin @CollinsJacky @LoveBooksGroup

Thursday nights used to be my student nights. I was never a huge party-goer but I enjoyed meeting friends at the pub and walking back to the apartment because we’d missed the last tramway.

Now, some of my Thursdays are my lifeline, an evening dedicated to crime, cocktails (apple juice does count as a cocktail, right?) and general fun. Why?

Because it’s Noir at the Bar!

What??? You don’t know what Noir at the Bar is about??? I don’t believe you! But here’s the heart of it: authors read their stories in a relaxed atmosphere somewhere welcoming and warm in Edinburgh… Now, with the lockdown, some changes have been made, and we can now attend the party from our couch! Or bed. Or kitchen. Wherever you are!

And guess what…

The latest virtual edition is TONIGHT

The brilliant authors, accompanied by the great Noir team, have found a way to keep the criminally activities going with virtual evening events. Aren’t they just great?

Here’s tonight’s lineup!

Although I am a hug fan of Scots pub, we don’t even need to invade one to hear great people share their stories! I don’t know about you, but I am eager to listen to the authors I know and curious about those I don’t!

So let’s meet on Facebook (link below) at 7.05PM!

Follow me!

A little note from the lovely Noir team!

We need your help! We want to showcase one unpublished writer before each of our live events. Do you know someone who is trying hard to be published? Someone who would like to have a live interview with Jacky. Please either comment below or ask them to email Kelly at We want to support writers and authors in the best way we can. We have our live digital events which we put a lot of time and effort into as we love and support this crime fiction community.
Thanks a million,
Kelly & Jacky

4 thoughts on “Take a Walk on the Noir Side: Noir at the Bar, Edinburgh Edition May 7th 2020 @NoirBarEdin @CollinsJacky @LoveBooksGroup”

  1. I only know Michael J Malone but I’m very curious about the books written by the other authors. Thanks to your apple juice I already googled apple martini and appletini recipes and there are so many different versions! I still have a few hours to decide what to order at the bar right?

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