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Farewell March: Wrap-up

Let’s focus on everything bookish March brought us!

What did I review in March?

Wow! Jo Spain just keeps blowing my mind! What a wickedly good novel! As for Peter Swanson, Rules for Perfect Murders must be my favorite of his! In fact, my favorite, period! A true classic for all crime lovers! After Dark was pure delight and a tour de force from Dominic Nolan!

Six Wicked Reasons

Rules for Perfect Murders

After Dark

My addiction to audiobooks is being fed by some of the most brilliant stories! The Seventh Victim is one of the most chilling, dark, and clever thriller I have ever read while The Bookish Life of Nina Hill made my heart swell.

The Seventh Victim

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Two very different and very tense reads!

The Wreckage

Blood Orange

The Silent House

The Boy in the Barn

I read more than I reviewed, my writing mojo left for a holiday…

Which books were added to my shelves?

Some people buy clothes or house stuff, I buy books.

I hope your reads have helped you reach the end of this weird March, and I wish you a wonderfully story-filled April!

15 thoughts on “Farewell March: Wrap-up”

  1. Ooo so many wonderful books added to your readlist! I read such a great review of The Other Passenger so I hope it’s as amazing as I think it is! Plenty of winners that you read as well, the majority was pretty great it seems and I already have some of them on my readlist now!


  2. I got The Bookish Life of Nina Hill as an ebook, because it was on sale! I am really excited to read it, considering it made your heart swell ❤
    I hope you are safe and healthy, my dear!!


  3. I completely agree; let’s focus on the bookish side of March only… I definitely can’t wait to get a copy of the newest Peter Swanson now! And I love your haul. xx


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