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Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 46

Welcome to today’s Happy Friday! My remedy against feeling down is to make a list of all the good things in my life. It can be anything. Really, anything. The smallest gesture from a stranger can change your day, if you open your eyes. Now, I am a pessimistic and I need daily reminders to look for the bright side. Maybe you are too, or maybe the state of our world is weighing on you. In any case, here’s your shot at some happy things!

We are back, guys! We can’t let 2020 be all dark and gloomy. Thank you to Jonetta for her amazing waves in the past two weeks, she’s reminded me why I started this and here we are again!

  • Sunshine! I had forgotten how nice it is to soak up in the sun and get all the benefits of some nice light! I can feel myself be happier when I catch some time outside.
Wearing the precious SPF50 and pretending not to notice the photographer
  • Twitter united! The love is real on social media these days in the bookish community. From people supporting each other to book kindness, it warms my heart to log in and chat.
  • Dog love. I am stacking up on cuddles! Yûki and I are closer than ever, and Iris is her usual beautiful soul. Can’t ask for more than this!
  • Bad timing but amazing experience. I had a phone interview for a job this week. No one knows what’ll happen, but I am proud of myself for doing it, grateful for the opportunity, and over the moon to have met a wonderful woman, or rather her voice!
  • Did I ever mention I have the best friends in the world? Last night, a little mouse called me, and suddenly I wasn’t feeling so lonely. Thank you, Danielle! Love you!
  • Reading. Oh I am thankful for the reprieve offered by books. I have been reading one book after another, happily moving from one world to another (and ‘forgetting’ to review!!!)
  • Work opportunities. It feels good to be useful, even when crippled with doubts about how good I am with the tasks I’m given 🙈
  • Spending time near the lakes. My place in Bordeaux is surrounded by lakes, I love it. It’s peaceful and highly photogenic, haha!
No filter!
  • Nice and healthy breakfasts. It’s not so easy to find the food you need so I am more aware than ever before of the happiness brought by yummy food in the morning!
Just before the dogs jumped on the bed and ruined it!

What’s made YOU happy this week?
Join the Positivity Wave club and share your good moments! Drop your link below!

25 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 46”

  1. Goodness knows, we need positivity more than ever. I’ve been finding it hard to blog, but I think I should do one of these too, to remind myself that there are good things to enjoy and be grateful for.


  2. I think these positivity posts are so needed at the moment, Meggy. It certainly cheers me up reading what brings joy to others.

    I’m very envious of those stunning lakes and views that you have ❤


  3. We definitely need this positivity wave right now! I’m also enjoying the sun here in the Pacific Northwest. It definitely helps keep the spirits up. Well wishes sent your way!


  4. Beautiful lake! Must be wonderful to go for walks in the area. In times like this these positivity posts are really needed – thanks so much for doing them!


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