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See You Next Year, February! Wrap-up

If January was never-ending and cold, February was definitely shorter but threw a few punches itself…

What did I review in January?

Dear Edward stole my heart and I am not over it. QualityLand is crazy, scary, and too good to miss. I recommend those books. In fact, I am telling you to buy them. You’ll thank me later!

Dear Edward


Two completely different novels, but equally strong! I had high expectations about A Famished Heart as it’s the very first publication by Viper Books, and I was NOT disappointed!

A Famished Heart

Saturdays at Noon

4 stars all about crime!

Perfect Kill

When You See Me

A Deadly Divide

A Wash of Black



The House on the Lake

Which books were added to my shelves?

I behaved this month and didn’t go crazy on the book requests or buy! Yay me! But I did get all six books at the QuickReads launch (and hugged Clare Mackintosh!!!!)

February was another good month reading-wise, and I can’t wait to share the reviews that had to be postponed!

22 thoughts on “See You Next Year, February! Wrap-up”

  1. This is a good layout for a monthly round up.
    The most memorable review I read out of these was Saturday’s at noon. I love the sound of that book.
    I look forward to the upcoming reviews.


  2. i’m super duper excited to read dear edward soon! the premise is incredibly engaging and i’ve heard GREAT things about how the author dealed with every storyline inside of the book. also it’s so so so cool to see qualityland on here because that book was such a big deal in germany for a time and now it’s going global (love that for it. 11/10 approve) but at the same time i feel even more terrible for not having read it yet. but soon! soon! soon! i promise to the literature gods i’ll do it soon. ps: definitely want to read lucy foley in the next month or so too because her plots (the hunting party and the guest list) both seriously interest me. hope you’ll have a great march! c:


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