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Trade: #PerfectKill by Helen Fields @Helen_Fields @AvonBooksUK #BlogTour

Title: Six Wicked Reasons
Author: Jo Spain
Publisher: Quercus Books
Date of publication: January 2020
Format read: Advance Proof copy
Number of pages: 432

Alone, trapped in the darkness and with no way out, Bart Campbell knows that his chances of being found alive are slim.

Drugged and kidnapped, the realisation soon dawns that he’s been locked inside a shipping container far from his Edinburgh home. But what Bart doesn’t yet know is that he’s now heading for France where his unspeakable fate is already sealed…

DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach are working on separate cases that soon collide as it becomes clear that the men and women being shipped to France are being traded for women trafficked into Scotland.

With so many lives at stake, they face an impossible task – but there’s no option of failure when Bart and so many others will soon be dead…

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride like no other, with the next gripping thriller from the number one bestselling crime author, Helen Fields. The perfect read for fans of M. J. Arlidge and Karin Slaughter.

How can Perfect Kill be the 6th book in the #Callanach series? It feels like yesterday that I met Ava and Luc! Yet, it feels we’ve been friends forever… I will never get enough of the sense of familiarity that envelops me when I pick Helen Fields’ series. It feels like coming home after wandering through other worlds. That’s how much I love everything about those Perfect books!

Chapter one. You know something is wrong. In her precise style, the author paints a parallel. A mother, a son. It doesn’t take long to understand this is the beginning of something big, dark, and ugly. I don’t know what is it with Helen Fields’s narrative style but she always manages to plunge me into her world by transporting me through my senses as well as my emotions, in equal parts, making me an active protagonist of the book. If I don’t turn that page, who will suffer because of it? Who will escape justice? Reading becomes life and death, and this time again, I was so immersed in the novel I thought I was going to burn with all the action!!!

Imagine waking up not knowing where you are, alone, and with little food and water for only company… Where are you headed? Who is behind this? Hello Bart.

Imagine being held against your will. Promises of a better future have led you to a scary place where the hope to survive is almost as painful as the idea of dying. Hello Elenuta.

What is the link?

Helen Fields plays hard and in Perfect Kill, she reunites two of the most horrendous things it’s hard to believe are happening in our pretty societies. She doesn’t spare the reader and doesn’t sugar-coat anything. You get the reality of what no one should have to go through. And more. It was ‘easy’ for me to stomach every detail as I know the author never give you anything for free. All details have a purpose, this is one of the reasons her writing is so efficient!

DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach are not on the same case. Not even in the same country. But the terrible fates of innocent people keep them linked. I was curious about how both would feel, be like, and face each other after the events of the previous book. This is a tricky time for the protagonists, but it is made smooth and authentic by Helen Fields, who doesn’t force anything on them. After six books, as a reader, I believe I know Ava and Luc, and would be able to say if they were acting in a way that felt out of character. But don’t be afraid, they’re still very much the same old stubborn people, struggling and dealing the best way they know how to (which means not very well!!!) Their personal lives get in the way, blending with two cases that turn heavier with every chapter. There might be miles between Ava and Luc in this book, but the evil oozing from the pages bring them together in multiple ways, my heart aches and was warmed, and then it broke a little more and… Read, and see.

I have said it in the past, this series doesn’t make for a comfortable read. Perfect Kill is no exception. It is disturbing, it leaves you repulsed by the black hearts and minds you meet. Helen Fields sheds light on plagues of our society we would rather not know or not think about. When you think you’ve met the devil, grab any book from the Perfect series and see how wrong you were… Still I keep reading. Helen Fields takes crime fiction to the highest level by throwing us in the cave where demons hide.

I only have one niggle with this book. Bear with (the French part of) me. As much as I was happy to see Luc come back to France, a detail had me go ‘no!’ A bit of context: Luc and his colleague meet a woman in a prison. She is said to have been condemned to several life prison sentences. Except France doesn’t have ‘real’ life sentences. I am no specialist, I just wanted to mention it so that readers know that usually, when you are condemned to a life sentence in France, it usually means you can stay in prison for up to 30 years, with a certain amount of years during which you can’t apply for an early release (usually 22 years) It does sound like a life sentence, but it is not quite the same as in the UK so I had to say it. And from what I know, you can’t get multiple sentences. That’s it. It’s a small thing in the big scheme of things happening in this book!

Did you really think I was going to shut up? No way!

Perfect Kill is a perfectly paced crime novel with storms of action, showers of feelings, and real life nightmares. I highly recommend it!

You can find the book here

I would like to thank Avon for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

As you can see, I was lucky to meet the wonderful Helen last year during Bloody Scotland (thank you, Kelly!) I thought it’s been nice to use this fabulous picture and memory with the author’s bio!

Helen Fields studied law at the University of East Anglia, then went on to the Inns of Court School of Law in London. After completing her pupillage, she joined chambers in Middle Temple where she practised criminal and family law for thirteen years.

After her second child was born, Helen left the Bar. Together with her husband David, she runs a film production company, acting as script writer and producer. Perfect Remains is set in Scotland, where Helen feels most at one with the world. Helen and her husband now commute between Hampshire and California with their three children and two dogs.

15 thoughts on “Trade: #PerfectKill by Helen Fields @Helen_Fields @AvonBooksUK #BlogTour”

  1. Ah I really need to start this series. I have the first novel in my Kindle app. Life sentences do exist in Belgium but we have only a few criminals (like a guy called Horion who’s in prison since 1979 for murdering a family of 5) who actually never go free again. I like knowing the accurate details of how it is in France. Thanks for your brilliant review, I’m very eager to read!


    1. Despite the minor detail about life sentences (I was kinda scared about discussing it as I didn’t want people to think the book was bad! but in the end, I just had to, as I love accuracy and thought it’d be nice for others to know how it’s done here, thank you for reassuring me I did the right thing!) this new addition to the series is intense! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it when you know a new book with detectives you know and love comes out.
    This book sounds very dark with the criminal acts.
    I like when the personal lives of the detectives are a big part of the story too. It makes it more believable.
    Great review Meggy
    Amanda xx


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