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Bleeding Roses: What’s Love Got to Do with It?! #ShortStories @WisteriaPublish

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Title: What’s Love Got to Do with it?!
Authors: Victoria Adeniji, Natasha MacFarlane, Katherine Nelson, Josh Gill
Publisher: Wisteria Publishing
Date of publication: 1 February 2020
Format: short stories
Source: Publisher


We have just got rid of Christmas and Dry January (who actually steered clear of alcohol this month??? I did but only because I don’t drink anyway!) What’s next? Yes, you’ve guessed right… Valentine’s Day! Gifts and roses and pink things everywhere. People forced to pretend they enjoy an evening in crowded restaurant and lock eyes with their partners for more than ten minutes without checking Twitter.

What do you mean, I am ruining the fun? What is fun in feeling compelled to celebrate love? Shouldn’t we do it every day? Just saying…

Now you can wonder why my post began with a very bright pink cover with the title What’s Love Got to Do with it?! if I am going to moan about chocolate-shaped hearts.

Because love is not always about happy ever after and chubby babies. If you feel in the mood for a different kind of love celebration, why not give this collection of short stories a try? From a very dangerous night to a sea tale or a stone heart, four authors give you the opportunity to get a different perspective on what we call love, how we perceive it, and what it does to us.

If you are looking for your happy ending, you’re at the wrong place! Victoria Adeniji plays on the burning side of love and had me very intrigued by her sexy and dark story. Natasha MacFarlane explores the ripples of love and how the strongest feeling on this planet so often goes hand in hand with pain. Katherine Nelson surprised me with a folklore-like tale of love given and lost, of hope and sea singing. Josh Gill managed to breathe life into a witness of love, crushed by the burden of remaining unable to act… Yes, I am being vague on purpose. You only get the appetizers here, and it’s up to you to let your heart wander into these territories.

What’s Love Got to Do with it?! is easy to read but not easy on the heart. It reminds us that love has a million faces, coats, and lives. And sometimes, it is nice to be reminded there is more than right paths, simple loves, and perfect weddings.

You can find the book here

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this collection in exchange for an honest review.


10 thoughts on “Bleeding Roses: What’s Love Got to Do with It?! #ShortStories @WisteriaPublish”

  1. Definitely checking this one out. I’m not a fan of V-Day and my hubby &I don’t celebrate it (my choice). It was fun as a kid making cards for my Mom and as an adult giving them to my niece and nephew. That’s the extent of my involvement. And, I was dry, too, in January…and December and November, etc.😏

    I obviously enjoyed your post, Meggy💜


  2. Oh dry January… i always forget about that since i rarely drink. So i supposed we can say I did it?! 😀 Had some alcohol free cocktails instead. Woo!
    Great review! I’ve been craving some non-thrillers lately and this defo sounds intriguing 🙂


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