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Happy Friday #ThePositivityWave 42

Welcome to today’s Happy Friday! My remedy against feeling down is to make a list of all the good things in my life. It can be anything. Really, anything. The smallest gesture from a stranger can change your day, if you open your eyes. Now, I am a pessimistic and I need daily reminders to look for the bright side. Maybe you are too, or maybe the state of our world is weighing on you. In any case, here’s your shot at some happy things!

The POsitivity wave without c`

  • The support from a dear friend. This week has been difficult (I feel I’m saying this a lot at the moment!) and I needed someone to be by my side, without judgement, with love and understanding. I consider myself extremely lucky to be her friend, and God knows where I would be on this Friday without her. Thank you, Inge ❤️
  • Dog cuddles. I didn’t even take pictures. I simply enjoyed my dogs company during an express trip to Bordeaux. I received so much love my batteries are full and ready for whatever will come my way next.
  • Book post! I came home to lovely parcels, both in Bordeaux and in London.

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  • Don’t Forget The Lyrics, French version. I love this show so much. Nothing cheers me up like singing along and listen to Nagui’s bad jokes.
  • Helping Frenchies get a good start to their London weekend. I was sitting next a mother and daughter on the plane this morning and we shared a lovely time. It’s time to share tips and help with all this English everywhere!
  • My landlady saying she’s happy I am home. This house does feel like home.
  • Authors being so kind to me my heart is all warm and fuzzy!!!
  • Finding comfort in old habits. Anxiety is trying to ruin my plans, but I am ready and my weapons are right next to me.
  • Warm socks! I put mine on the radiator before sliding my little feet inside, and it is paradise!!
  • A fabulous friend getting answers about her health. I don’t say it but I worry a lot for those I love, and I know how difficult it is to live when there’s something wrong but doctors don’t have a clue. I am relieved and happy this friend will be able to get treatments to feel better.
  • Walking with my head high through the UK frontier on Brexit day. We are still here with you.

What’s made YOU happy this week?
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15 thoughts on “Happy Friday #ThePositivityWave 42”

  1. God Meggy 😁 You’re making me blush (again)! You’re there for me just as much you know, and for that I’m also super grateful! Oh I see this trip was a wise decision! You’re sure the furr babies are still alive from all those cuddles? I’m almost inclined to ask for proof 😂 xxx


  2. Considering you have had a tough week, I am happy you found lots to be grateful for.
    Dogs cuddles are fab for stocking up on, you can never have to many.
    What a comforting thing for your landlady to say. She probably wouldn’t even have realised how much it ment to you as she said it.
    My happy waves include
    – the good news you know of. ( thank you 💛).
    – yellow carnations that I bought myself and are so pretty in my living room.
    -chilled out episodes of Love Island with tea and chocolate.
    -Finding my reading mojo again with a good book.
    – and one to look forward to, tomorrow’s lie in and watching DT in the morning.

    Wishing you a nice weekend Meggy. xx


    1. ❤ I am happy for you, and I will keep saying it, because it is so important!!!
      I love yellow things, including flowers! The colour always cheers me up. Oh, I love that your reading mojo is back! I hope it stays now!!
      I hope you enjoyed Deadwater Fell, we MUST talk about that ending! xxx


  3. Lovely Friday post as usual! I’m glad you got reunited with your dogs, it must be difficult to have them in a different country. And yes, Brexit is actually happening – it is quite sad, but hopefully UK can move on now. Don’t forget to apply for your pre-settled status, if you intend to stay. 🙂


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