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Soaked: Woman in the Water by Katerina Diamond @TheVenomousPen #BlogTour @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

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Title: Woman in the Water
Author: Katerina Diamond
Date of publication: 11 November 2019
Publisher: Avon Books
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley

I’m alive. But I can’t be saved . . .

When a woman’s body is found submerged in icy water, police are shocked to find she is alive. But she won’t disclose her name, or what happened to her – even when a second body is discovered. And then she disappears from her hospital bed.

Detectives Adrian Miles and Imogen Grey follow their only lead to the home of the Corrigans, looking for answers. But the more they dig into the couple’s lives, the less they understand about them.

What’s their connection to the body in the river?

Why have other people they know been hurt, or vanished?

And can they discover the dark truth of their marriage before it’s too late?


Here comes my first review of a book by the kind and famous Katerina Diamond!

After a chilling prologue, my meeting Adrian Miles was wet and scary. There was an undercurrent in the novel that I spotted right away. This uneasiness never left me. Sometimes was wrong. In fact, many things were wrong, and I was pulled into Imogen and Adrian’s lives by an invisible hand probably called ‘insane curiosity.’

The title is a literal reference to what DS Miles goes through quite early in the novel and I had the feeling I was under water throughout the entire novel. I could barely see where I was going, where the characters were going. I had the feeling the case was heavy on my chest and whenever I thought I could catch a spark of light, the author threw me a good punch to pull me back under the water!!!

Adrian and Imogen’s relationship is new to me, but their bubbles of sweetness turning to something different as they were first learning to dance on a different rhythm and then faced with a crossroad was both engrossing and painful to read. I like it when an author created characters I root for, and those two didn’t leave me cold!

The plot did nothing to keep my head over water! I imagined myself found half dead, then disappearing… What could drive someone to leave a woman in such conditions? What happened? Why wouldn’t she give her name? What could she actually remember? I couldn’t figure out if she was to be trusted. Being left in the dark is my favorite thing… At least in books!!!

When suspicions are strong, but evidence is invisible, it can be infuriating and frustrating! Oh, how I wanted to see the main suspect fall from his homemade stage and be trampled on by elephants.

Graphic and violent scenes burned my eyes but they were relevant and the author dealt with them in a realistic way, only to bring the readers closer to the team.

If you enjoy tricky investigations, bad guys you’d like to kill yourself, and a winding path between what’s private and what’s professional, take a look at Woman in the Water!

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I would like to thank Sabah Khan and Avon Books for inviting me to be part of this blog tour and for providing me with a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.


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Katerina Diamond
Katerina Diamond was born in Weston in the seventies. She moved to Thessaloniki in Greece and attended Greek school where she learnt Greek in just 6 months. After her parents’ divorce, they relocated to Devon. After school, and working in her uncle’s fish and chip shop, she went (briefly) to university at Derby, where she met her husband and had two children. Katerina now lives in the East Kent Coast with her husband and children. She is a Sunday Times and Kindle bestseller.

16 thoughts on “Soaked: Woman in the Water by Katerina Diamond @TheVenomousPen #BlogTour @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K”

  1. I love the cover of this book. I’m happy you have a new detective pair to get to know. I have read The Teacher by this author and know that her writing is dark, violent and gritty. I liked getting to know the dynamics between Imogen and Adrian.
    Great review Meggy.


  2. I have read one of hers, I think it was part of a series. Didn’t manage to keep up with the series though. This one sounds perfect especially since it’s a standalone. I love the sound of the premise and I am intrigued by the darkness. Great review!


  3. Fab review, Meggy! I love this series, Katerina Diamond, and Imogen & Miley 😍 I’ve just read the fourth instalment, can’t wait to read this one too 🥰


  4. Fantastic review, Meggy! I must admit that I never really focused much on the title of this book but the feeling of being under water was definitely strong and you are very right to mention it. I had some problems with the way Adrian and Imogen’s relationship was portrayed but it’s great to see that this didn’t bother you as much and you still enjoyed the book!


    1. Thank you! I really felt as if my head was kept under water and everything I read was somehow distorted! I think the reason why the relationship between Adrian and Imogen didn’t bother me is that it was my first book, I had no previous experience with the two, and I was more focused on the case, even though it’s linked. I did wonder how they could feel so close at the beginning and get to this point by the end of the book! x


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