White Blank Page: The Chocolate is Melting and the Waffles are gone – Hiatus

Hello, lovely blogging friends.

No positivity wave this week. I can only hope the waves will keep going without me, if you feel like writing them. I will be sending lots of good vibes to you all!


Okay, this sounds really depressing! Note to self, don’t write a blog post while listening to Mumford and Sons…

I have been postponing my blogging holiday for some time, but I have reached a point where I need to recharge my batteries and get back with energy and a mojo ready to kick some ass.

losing my edge.gif

I apologize to the authors and blog tours organisers. I apologize to you, friends, for missing your great posts.

Personal circumstances have been pushing me to the edge but my stubbornness prevented me to say stop until now.


I give in! I am taking a little holiday. A real one! We all know it often means we still check WP, social media, and emails! But not this time! I’m going BIG!

Like a grownup with willpower, I won’t be online AT ALL.


I swear!

Now, it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, because I do, and I’m gonna miss you. If you need me, you can hit the comments and ask for my Whatsapp, as this will be the only app staying on my phone. I’ll check on Sunday, and then there will be silence! (except for two scheduled post!)

When will I be back?

Mark the date! 1.09.19!


Take care, read, and have fun!

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