Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 22

Welcome to today’s Happy Friday! My remedy against feeling down is to make a list of all the good things in my life. It can be anything. Really, anything. The smallest gesture from a stranger can change your day, if you open your eyes. Now, I am a pessimistic and I need daily reminders to look for the bright side. Maybe you are too, or maybe the state of our world is weighing on you. In any case, here’s your shot at some happy things!

The POsitivity wave without c`

This week was quite special and … challenging (I guess the entire summer is challenging!!!) so this week’s post was more difficult to write. I owe my motivation to look for the good things to my fellow positivity vibe surfers. You guys rock!

  • Being blog of the day on @The_Writereads’s Twitter. I love meeting new bloggers this way and exchange about old posts of mine!
  • A quiet morning before everyone is up and the sound of the city drowns the thoughts.


  • Unloading an old burden by discussing it with a friend.
  • The first pages of a book read after a few days without my paper companions.
  • The pride when your Kindle updates successfully and still works afterwards!!! Go, darling!


  • A crêpes contest! I ate four before giving up. It broke my heart to let the others finish those Rum-flavored beauties. Really. Really really.
  • The first mug of tea of the day. I mean real tea, not what they serve at the hospital!!!
  • Writing a letter and not ruining it with my handwriting. Seriously, my fingers are lazy when they’re away from a keyboard…
  • The warmth of messages, tweets, texts from all over the world. Thank you for the fabulous blanket of support ❤️
  • Going through this bad week without anxiety. BAM!
  • The first walk After, red-carpet ready 🤣 (taken this morning, with my favorite lipstick only! And the dogs, obviously…)


What’s made YOU happy this week?
Join the Positivity Wave club and share your good moments!

Check out the lovely wave surfers’ posts!
Jules (Yay!!!! Welcome to the group!!!)


53 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave 22

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  1. I don’t know which photo I like more, the first or the last.. they’re both so fab! You’ve got a great mirror in your building too. Sometimes when I want to check my outfit, I balance on the side of the bathtub and try to take a peek from the side as the bathroom mirror is hanging next to it ;-). I’m happy you sound so positive, it didn’t get you down this week! Great update Meggy. I’m going to have me some tea too this weekend, that’s definitely on the agenda now that you reminded me it’s been too long I had some ;-)!


  2. Wow Meggy you look hot in that photo. No one would guess where you had been the days before. 😍
    I’m glad you found things to smile about. I love being up before everyone else and having that silence. It doesn’t happen often to me as the traffic here is so noisy.
    Hospital tea – yuck, makes that first real cup so nice, and crepes too. Yum.

    My weeks waves include:
    Deciding to quit the healthy eating for the last week of my holidays and enjoy lots of chocolate.
    A wonder around some charity shops and finding a few bargains.
    Finding a bargainous new lemon jacket off eBay for only £5.
    The last few lazy mornings I have before I go back to work. Tea, bed, Netflix, books and crafts.
    Hope your next week has lots more happy moments Meggy.
    Amanda xx


  3. Such lovely pictures!
    Love your flowery shoes ❤ I've been on a hunt for comfy but cute trainers lately. Haven't found one i really liked so far.
    Sometimes i wish i was the sort of person who sleeps till late, but to be fair i do love waking up early when most people are still not up and just enjoy not having them around 😀 😀


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