June veut plus de toi! Wrap-up

I can’t resist a good jeu de mots, I won’t apologize for this article’s title! 😛

Time to wave June goodby. Summer is here. I am struggling not comparing those days with the same last year, but we can’t live in the past, can we? The only way is up, and I must believe the best is yet to come.

Now if the heat could go to hell…

june 2019 wrap up


You can’t hear it but I’m applauding myself 🤣 I had set a goal for this month in order to focus on something else than what’s been troubling me, and it worked beyond my expectations! I managed to read 18 books, a new personal record! EIGHTEEN BOOKS! I spent hours in the soothing world of words, living dozens of lives!!!! One of those books won’t be appearing among the covers as it was for work, but it still counts!

I am also quite happy with the genres I ventured into between murders and investigations. I am discovering a real love for women’s fiction/general fiction (depending on where you check the categories!). I was afraid of books that make you cry. But this time is over! I’m facing the fears and the tears, and I’m learning a lot about myself and life!

Can you tell I’m super thrilled about my reading month??? 😄


Glitch: #Proximity by Jem Tugwell @JemTugwell @SerpentineBooks
Brilliant, original, and scary as it depicts a world which could be ours very soon…

the dangerous kind.jpgReveal Your Dark Side: The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor #1in100People @deboc77 @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n
Monsters are among us…

Shackles: Undercliff by Mark Brend @MinuteBook @HornetBooks @LoveBooksGroup #BlogTour
Fascinating take on cults and their powers.

beton rougeChocolate’n’Orenda Round 1: Beton Rouge by Simone Buchholz @ohneKlippo @OrendaBooks @FwdTranslations
Brilliant, short, snappy, and dark.

The Friend Who Lied Cover EBOOK
Friends Forever: #TheFriendWhoLied by Rachel Amphlett @RachelAmphlett @BOTBSPublicity #BlogTour
Stunning standalone from Rachel Amphlett!

forget me not
Mouse-ear: Forget Me Not by Claire Allan @ClaireAllan @AvonBooksUK #BlogTour
Loved the characters.

The-Mothers-Mistake-KindleMama’s Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird: The Mother’s Mistake by Ruth Heald @RJ_Heald @bookouture #BlogTour
Brilliant and heartbreaking tale of motherhood.

after the end.pngDear Clare: After The End by Clare Mackintosh @claremackint0sh @LittleBrownUK @LucyMalagoni @CathBurkeEditor @CBGBooks
Thought-provoking. A must-read.

Meggy’s Quickies: Only The Evidence Against Cruelty Is Completely Fine
Three very different reads!

99-Days-With-You-KindleOne Day at a Time: 99 Days with You by Catherine Miller #BlogTour @katylittlelady @bookouture
Poignant and sending a hopeful message.

Changeling AW.indd
Chocolate’n’Orenda Round 2: Changeling by Matt Wesolowski @ConcreteKraken @OrendaBooks

the perfect betrayalWith Eyes Opened: The Perfect Betrayal by Lauren North #ThePerfectBetrayal @Lauren_C_North @TransworldBooks @damppebbles #damppebblesblogtours
Smart and surprising. So good!

Dont-Ever-Tell-KindleBetter Served Cold: Don’t Ever Tell by Lucy Dawson @bookouture @lucydawsonbooks #BooksOnTour
Twisted betrayals!

One Way Out CoverDecisions: #OneWayOut by A.A. Dhand @aadhand @annecater @TransworldBooks @BeckyShort1 #RandomThingsTours
Fantastic and fast-paced read!

16 reviews! Yay! Another record! *happy dance* I thought I might overdo things and lose the reviewing mojo but in fact, it was the contrary. I really loved writing each of those reviews. More happy dancing!!!


Guess who is totally not keeping track except for blog tours copies? *goes to hide*

I am spoiled, and I spoil myself a bit, too… Thank you to all the publicists, publishers, authors for kindly sending proofs. Three and a half years on and I’m still surprised to get asked to review something, haha!


I may have already spilled the beans about this month’s winner. In fact, I’m a bit stuck. I have found my book of the year. Even though I know another one is coming (yes, I am talking about Blood Song by Johana Gustawsson) but it’ll be my French book of the year so…

after the end

When I first caught this cover online, I was drawn to it. I didn’t read the blurb but I knew I would read it. Then I devoured a few reviews and I couldn’t resist. I requested it, and I teared up when I was approved. This novel is so important, so heart-wrenching, and so full of hope and possibilities. I just love every bit. I have read fantastic books this month, I’m really lucky, but this one stands out.


Wow, 22 posts, my most-viewed article is the review of After the End (so happy about this!) and lots of fun. Thank you for making blogging so entertaining and great.

A special thanks to Nicki, Jonetta, and Kelly for their support and their Positivity Waves. It means a lot to me, ladies ❤️

June is wrapped! How was your month?


27 thoughts on “June veut plus de toi! Wrap-up”

  1. Impressive number of books read, wow! And perhaps a best read of the year, I love that feeling when you know you’ve come across one of those! I’ve been on a reading spree of Leslie Marmon Silko books and finished her epic historical novel Gardens in the Dunes which I loved. But with this heatwave I’ve turned to The Island of Sea Women and now Maria in the Moon to cool off!!


    1. I am shocked I’ve read so much, haha! Even more when I realize I haven’t found a book I didn’t like! Favorite books just fall onto your lap and stays forever 🙂
      I’m glad you’re on a great reading spree! 🙂 I LOVED Maria in the Moon! xx


  2. Wow! What a great month for reading Meggy. I love books that make me cry, I do seem to blubber quite easily when it comes to reading. I am finding that I cry with happiness or sadness with books and sometimes it can be a good release of your own emotions xx


  3. Wow amazing reading and posting month. And better still that you enjoyed the books. I think I like the sound of Proximity best. You are ahead of me on the not being afraid of books that make you cry. I am still staying away from those for now.
    Books are great escapism. But I hope what’s troubling you eases soon too.
    Lots of love Amanda xx


    1. I don’t understand how I reached those numbers! And without getting a bad book in the lot! It’s been wonderful and I feel lucky ❤ I would love to hear what you think of Proximity! It's such a frightening take on what's awaiting us!
      I fought the books bound to make me cry for a long time, but somehow they help me face my own issues, while giving me enough space to escape bad things… Weird! Thank you, Amanda! Sending you my warmest hugs and lots of love! xxx


  4. It sounds like you’ve had a fabulous reading, blogging and book post month! I’m sorry that it has been a tough month personally though, it’s horrible to feel you’re not in as good a place as in a previous time. Like you say though, we can’t live in the past. I know it’s tough… I send you lots of love and hope things begin to improve again soon. I believe in you xx


    1. Yes! I can’t believe I’ve read 18 books and wasn’t disappointed by any! Bad months come and go, but books stays and it makes me feel better 🙂 I hate myself for comparing where I was in my life last year in opposition to this year, but I can’t help it. So I try to gather strength from those memories instead of resenting it and myself for not being able to do the same things…
      I hope things are okay for you 🙂 Sending you massive hugs and a truck of kisses!


  5. Wow your June bookish month was on fire! (Excuse the pun 😉 ) So many fantastic books read and I’m a tiny bit jealous of your book haul haha. Here’s to July being less hot and bringing all the bookish goods! I can send you some of the cold front we’re having down here if you want; they are predicting a -4°C minimum on Friday and I. DO. NOT. WANT. IT. xD Have a wonderful July. ❤


      1. Looks like I’m even more behind with answering comments, whoops! xD I don’t think I want the hot weather either, although we’re having a bit of Spring temperatures this weekend anyway haha. I hope your July is going well so far! xx


  6. 18 books is an amazing record! I tend to only get through 5 or 6 each month. I’m so excited to read After the End after reading your letter! Hope your July books are great 🙂


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