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The Sun Song Trilogy Book 1: Ways of the Doomed by @moiramcpartlin @FledglingPress #LoveBooksGroupTours

New week, new adventures! Welcome to the blog blitz for Ways of the Doomed!

I’d like to thank Kelly @LoveBooksGroupTours for inviting me to be part of this!

Title: Ways of the Doomed
Publisher: Fledgling Press
Format: e-copy
Source: Publisher

Book 1 of The Sun Song Trilogy.

It’s the year 2089 and everything is altered. The revolutions of the early 21st century have created a world divided – between the Privileged few and the Native (Celtic) underclass. Sorlie is enjoying a typical carefree Privileged teenage life until it is smashed apart by the cruel death of his parents and he is spirited away to live with his ice-cold grandfather at a mysterious island penal colony. Sorlie’s discovery that the captives are being genetically altered to remove all trace of their Native origins triggers a chain of shocking events that reveal his grandfather’s terrible secrets and, ultimately, the truth about himself.  

guest post

Ways of the Doomed – Inspiration by Moira McPartlin

I often get asked at events ‘what was the inspiration for Ways of the Doomed’.  The answer is that the story first came to me in a dream. One of those full length, technicolour dreams like a movie that only ends when you wake. It was about a man in a prison cell with a box and in that box was a secret. Outside his cell mayhem was happening in the prison, he looks in the mirror and knows what he has to do.  When I woke I thought, ‘wow, that’s never been done before.’  I wrote a short story and entered it in a competition. I didn’t win the competition, I only got a third place, but the adjudicator’s comments stated this was not a short story but a novel.

I resisted writing the novel for a while because I knew that the story needed to be set in the future. I didn’t read Sci-Fi and I had only ever written one other futuristic story.  But that dream tugged at me and one November I set out to write Ways of the Doomed as part of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month).  That was when I realised I would have to build a realistic world to set the story in.

To do this I used two things that bothered me most about the world – the rise in right wing politics and climate change.  What if we did nothing about these issues in the coming years?  What would the world look like in the year 2089? I found a map on the internet depicting what the geography of the UK would resemble in the year 2100. The map shows the whole of the south of England below water. If this happened where would the people go?

Once I had those ideas I created a Military State with a two party political system; The Purist, who implemented hard line policies and the Land Reclaimists, a party devoted to saving the planet. This was only the start of my world building but it was enough to begin the first draft. I changed the protagonist to a sixteen year old boy who was naïve about the world. Ways of the Doomed became Sorlie Mayben’s story. I put him in a prison cell and let him discover the horrible truth about his world.

Please Moira, keep dreaming! I love hearing about how creativity and novels appear to writers and how they turn an idea into something real. Thank you so much for this fabulous guest post!

Are you curious about Ways of the Doomed? Here’s the buy link!


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