Bye March 2019!

Okay, someone explain how March can already be over? I know we often complain about time running as if it were trying to catch the last train home, but hey, something is terribly wrong. We are being robbed of hours! And last night, we were forced to lose another hour of our lives!!!

march wrapup

What’s New?

Steps. Towards the future and brighter days. No I’m not high! I’m serious!

I am lucky to be in a position to make my ‘editorial head’ work, and it feels good. Really good.

Spring days are here. Well, half the time!

I’m not hating this adulting thing anymore!

Books I read this month

15 books read? Yay! I didn’t see it coming. I think that’s why I love wrap-ups. I don’t care about numbers but it sure is nice to see how many stories I’ve been through!

No DNF in March. A lucky month filled with great reads.

Books I reviewed

In The Blink of an Eye: Finding Grace by K.L. Slater @KimLSlater @bookouture

Best Friends Forever: Her Closest Friend by Clare Boyd @ClareBoydClark @bookouture #BlogTour

Watch Your Back: Keep Her Close by M. J. Ford @MJFordBooks @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

Remember: Day of the Accident by Nuala Ellwood @NualaWrites @EllieeHud @PenguinUKBooks

Hear Me: Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson @PeterSwanson3 @FaberBooks

Muddy Waters: A Body in the Lakes by Graham Smith @GrahamSmith1972 @bookouture

Listen to your Heart: Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil @sarahdenzil @bookouture #BlogTour

Joker: The Last Act by Brad Parks @Brad_Parks @FaberBooks @joshuars_

The Empire: Mama’s Gone by Leopold Borstinski @borstinski @damppebbles #damppebblesblogtours

Why: Runaway by Claire MacLeary @Sarabandbooks @ClaireMacLeary #LoveBooksGroupTours

Tell Me Where You Live, I’ll Tell You Who You Are: The Woman at 46 Heath Street by @LSandersonbooks @bookouture @Christina_Dem

Sacrifices: #NobodysWife by Laura Pearson @LauraPAuthor @AgoraBooksLDN

New Books

Book of the Month Award

Snap… This time of the month again. The issue is that each book brought me something…

Okay. Let’s try…

One cheered me up and made me happy, the other surprised me in the best possible way. Light blue VS dark blue. Both need to be added to your list!

Blogging Life

I am overjoyed to have launched the Positivity Wave on Fridays. We all need a little joy. I’d like to thank Nicki for joining me and supporting me in trying to share happy moments.

That’s a wrap on March! How was your month?

20 thoughts on “Bye March 2019!”

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful March! So many interesting sounding titles already read and so many to look forward to… I hope you’ll have a fantastic April! ❤


  2. Ohhh what did you think of Michelle Obama’s book? I haven’t read this one, but I’ve been wanting to 🙂
    I hope April will be amazing for you my sweechie ❤ ❤


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