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Sunshine in March #Suntag

Another week is gone. Where?!? GIVE IT BACK!!!

I had lots of fun this week while reading a special tag on my friend Inge’s blog (find her Sunshine in February here!) and I decided I needed to take part. Inge, the ever lovely lady that she is, allowed me to use this tag today!

Sunshine in

#1 Text message or call?

Text message. Any time. I find calls awkward, even with friends. I don’t enjoy lengthy conversations because they always lead to a weird silence I am not good at filling. If it’s not work-related, type me anything!

#2 Do you read before bed?

The right question is ‘when do I NOT read?’ 😝 I read before bed, although not too long as my eyes don’t like it.
I also read during breakfast (the perks of living alone… sort of), I read during the day, I read at the supermarket…

#3 Salt or sweet?

Sweetly salted? I can’t resist either. Like book choices, it depends on my mood. But I will not eat both at the same time, I have my limits.

#4 Do you believe in love at first sight?

Only with books. Attraction at first sight is a thing, but if I’m to fall in love, I need to get to know the person, it’s a mandatory step. Looks don’t do everything. Neither do first impressions.

#5 Do you have a special strategy to get more followers for your blog?

Nope! I go with the flow, I read, I review, I post whatever comes to mind, and if people enjoy it, yay! If not, it’s okay. I don’t chase followers, I am only looking for people who share my love of books and will to keep the mental health conversation going.


#6 Sandals or sneakers?

Depends on the rest of the outfit! πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘  I enjoy wearing both. I’ll admit that when wearing sneakers, I look like a teen so I tend to go for ‘adult’ shoes!

#7 Name one book you read (or bought) because of the cover

Furiously Happy (Couldn’t resist Rory on the cover!!)

#8 Hamburgers or hot-dogs?

Hamburgers! I’m a sucker for cheeseburgers, they take me to my happy place. I must eat cheeseburgers twice a week. At least. Like, right now, I’m gonna stop writing this tag and make myself a big one!


#9 What is the most recent book you couldn’t finish?

All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker. I just couldn’t connect to the story or the characters. I really tried. Really really tried.

#10 A skirt or pants? (For the man here: short or long pants ;-))

Skirts! Making the best of my legs until they look bad, mouhahaha. I wear skirts for myself, not to please anyone, and I will not stop wearing them because I am told to.

#11 What was your favorite holiday so far and why?

My Bloody Scotland weekend is the best holiday I’ve ever had. My first out-of-the-country trip, purely for fun, with happy authors, bloggers, publicists, and publishers. Great food, a fab hotel room, laughs and sweets. Albert the flamingo. My lovely Kelly saving me on a Saturday night with the equally fab Claire MacLeary. Singing in Icelandic with Lilja, following her to a backroom to meet The Ragnar JΓ³nasson. Listening to my wonderful Johana, taking pictures of everything, including my hair and Will Dean’s (we totally could be in an ad for shampoo). Those days in the UK are some of my most treasured memories. (I will never get tired of sharing those pics)

What does your Sunshine in March look like? I can’t come up with questions because it’s the weekend and I’m lazy, so don’t hesitate to steal Inge’s great ones!!!

21 thoughts on “Sunshine in March #Suntag”

  1. First of all, I love how Yuki is looking not-looking at you hihi :-). I loved reading your answers although I’m kind of craving a hamburger myself now and I don’t have any :-(. Oh I have All Is Not Forgotten here to read.. I’m very curious how I’m going to like it.. ok low expectations and it can only turn out a nice surprise now :-). I love your photos in Scotland, you can really see you had fun, you wear your biggest smile but not only that, your eyes smile too! Thanks so much for doing the tag sweetie and your lovely words!


  2. Lovely, fun post! We are twins in terms of phone calls/ messages. I really don’t like calls, they are awkward and I hate it when people call me just to say hi and so I have to look for fillers to keep the conversation going πŸ˜€ I enjoyed reading your answers.


  3. Ah, this was such a cool Q&A session πŸ™‚
    I also prefer skirts, cuz i just like the breezy feeling. Sadly, i’ve been feeling cold in recent months, so wore pants more.
    Sandals are another thing i don’t get to wear as often as i’d want to (every day, basically, lol).

    Cheeseburger! Yessss!! Do you add pickles? One of the main reason i order cheeseburger in my fave burger place is cuz it has pickles πŸ˜€


  4. All of these pictures of My Bloody Scotland are amazing, you’re smiling so bright and radiate happiness, my sweechie, this makes me so, SO happy to see ❀ ❀ ❀


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