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There She Goes: Who Is She by V. Clifford @VicClifford #LoveBooksGroupTours

One day, two reviews! What better than to kick off the week with a coup-de-coeur?

My biggest thanks to Kelly at Love Books Group for inviting me to be part of this blog tour!

Who is She by V Clifford
Title: Who Is She?
Author: V. Clifford
Publisher: Inverardoch Press
Date of publication:2018
Format: e-copy
Number of pages: 189

Who is She? No one knows that the past is a strange country more than Scottish sleuth Viv Fraser. In this, the fifth Mystery, Viv is compelled to investigate a series of misadventures that are too close to home. Unravelling a veil of deception she discovers just how much of her past is in the present. No stranger to a challenge, she risks more than her pride hunting down the people who have threatened her family. Mac is on hand to help but will she let him? 


They say the past forges the present. But what part of our past makes it to the end, to the person we are today? I can’t say I remember much from my childhood, and I like to think that even if my path was somehow bent a certain way by what happened to me, the past doesn’t hold that much power over my current situation.

Okay, this is a very hazy beginning for a review. Forgive me, Who Is She?, on top of providing me with massive doses of entertainment and ‘wow’ moments, left me questioning everything and everyone! It is actually a good thing to reassess what you know, what you think you know, and what is real, even if reality is different for everyone… I am back in the hazy phase! See how this read totally took me out of this world and into my happy thinking place?

Okay, Viv Fraser. How come I waited this long to meet her? She goes straight to my favourite characters’ list, along Stephanie Plum and other amazing and no-BS ladies who have brains, wit, and a good taste for sarcasm. I am mad at myself for meeting Viv on her fifth book. I have gathered information (oh, even my vocabulary has changed! I’ll soon add pure Scottish to my reviews!) about her and I grasped part of what she does, but I want more! This doesn’t mean you can’t read Who Is She? as a standalone. You get what you need to understand what is going on, and if you’re anything like me, it’ll spur you to get the other books! I am entranced by this character. Computer-whizz, part of a Big Secret Intel thingy, sister, daughter, lover, and dog-lover, what’s not to love? I would make a list of all the things I loved about Viv but it’s better if you meet her in person. Let’s just say that she’s an authentic strong-willed Scottish woman with a big heart who plays with the big boys.

When I started reading Who Is She? and got to meet Viv and her family, I was far from imagining she would take me to remote places, old bunker, and even older stories. She was just a daughter meeting her mother and being struck by a detail. A detail that would end up being much more than a detail. I never saw the professional investigation coming and surprises kept coming throughout the book. Now, I’m not hazy, I’m vague, but only because this is on a Must-Know basis. You want to know? Grab a copy of this novel!

What can I actually tell you without ruining the plot? Don’t assume anything. The most mundane life can hide the wildest past. If you are looking for a 1000-pieces puzzle which will make you high on adrenaline, you’re in. If you’d rather get an intense look at family ties, relationships and how wrong we can be about those allegedly closest to us, you’re in, too!

I like to point out what authors do best, but in this instance, V. Clifford ticked off all the boxes. From brilliant one-liners to a crazy plot that kept me biting the skin around my nails, from brilliant and relatable characters to amazing descriptions bringing me back to my dear Scotland, from a fast-paced storyline to layers of subplots, there is nothing not to love in Who Is She?.

I will take the time to talk a little (really, a teeny tiny bit) about secondary characters to let you know that Viv lives in a dangerous, friendly, cosy, and cold world. Yep, all in one! The people surrounding Viv are flesh and blood, they spice things up and spring life into one of the most enjoyable novels I’ve read.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and get the four first books in the series! But as I said, don’t let the word series deceit you, and give Who Is She? a try even as a first step on Viv’s planet, you won’t regret it! Who Is She is a stunning mix of character and plot-driven dough, the perfect recipe for a wonderful Scottish cake!

No, I am not talking in code. Or, am I?

Where can you get the book? Follow the link!

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11 thoughts on “There She Goes: Who Is She by V. Clifford @VicClifford #LoveBooksGroupTours”

  1. I’m glad you foud a new favourite character. It’s always amazing when that happens’, isn’t it?
    I think past shapes us as persons. I remember so many things from my childhood and I think my childhood is what makes me the person I am today.


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