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W.I.N.T.E.R #Suntag

Good morning! Well, I assume it is morning for you too as I am writing this on this stormy Sunday. Let’s call it Peace and Love Sunday, and forget the waves the book blogging community has faced this week!

Today I am stealing an idea used on my fellow blogger Nicki’s blog (find her post here and give it some love!) about a Book Tag involving playing with book titles! It’s simple, it’s (hopefully) gonna kick the season off, and it’s fun!

So what do I need to do? Well, I’m joining Bibliobeth‘s seasonal tag to spell WINTER with book titles!


Let’s do this!



A poetic and atmospheric crime fiction. Beautiful and salty!



One of the best psychological novels I have EVER read



Need to Know shows just how damaging deceit can be, whether you see it or notโ€ฆ



There is no respite with Trap. Just the best Icelandic Noir has to offer. Lilja is one of my favourite authors and everyone should read her work! (not just to learn how to smuggle things in a country :p)



Cover love. A grandiose prose telling a tale of the scars of love. Exquisite is chillingly brilliant and absolutely riveting.



Pure Ragnar Jรณnasson. Amazing Noir, perfect read!

Yes, I know, you get high quality Orenda covers, but they’re gorgeous, and we are lucky Orenda Books provides the highest definition on their website! And I can’t help it if those are the first ones that come to mind!


So, what would YOUR WINTER look like???

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