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It’s #BookoutureWeek! Day 4: If You’re Not The One by Laura Briggs @PaperDollWrites @bookouture

This week is BOOKOUTURE WEEK on Chocolate’n’Waffles!

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Why focus on one publisher? The main reason is that few Bookouture books have disappointed me and I wanted December to be a good reading month. So I took a bet on them. Okay, a safe bet, but still! Another reason is that Bookouture was the first publisher to trust me when I started blogging, and they have given me great novels, fab friendships, and lots of fun, so I wanted to give back with seven reviews in a row, as a thank you and a ‘let’s have even more fun next year’!

One rule: all books have been read this month! As always, thank you to the fantastic Bookouture team for feeding me via NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Wait, too early?


I’ll admit it, I thought If You’re Nor The One was being released in January instead of February, this is why I am reviewing it as part of my Bookouture week. I only realised my mistake yesterday so there was no time to switch reviews! BUT I will be promoting this book in January and celebrating its publication day when it comes… So, forgiven???

41St30sTO9LTitle: If You’re Not The One
Author: Laura Briggs
Publisher: Bookouture
Date of publication: 6th February 2019
Format: e-copy uncorrected proof
Source: NetGalley


They say Christmas is the best time of the year to open our heart. So, I did. Not literally, of course. I’d like to keep it warm a little longer. But there are other ways to warm that little muscle than to keep it protected and far from anything that could hurt it. If You’re Not The One did just that. It warmed my heart and filled my head with lightness, cuteness, and little butterflies in the stomach.

Romance? On Chocolate’n’Waffles? How come??? No, I didn’t lose faith in crime fiction. I just needed to wash my hands and my head of all the blood I’ve read this year with something different.

So, I picked wedding planners, three friends running a business, and a romance skeptic!

I claim I’m no romantic for a hundred reasons, but there are times when you think ‘wouldn’t it be nice?’ I chose to read this novel because of the main characters is said not to be a romantic. And when I met Natalie, I was happy to find someone who wasn’t all for hearts on napkins and kisses under the blue sky. Now, you can wonder what this kind of character does in a romance novel. I think Natalie was created to remind women like me that it’s okay to let others in. You see, as I was reading about her life, her work, her family and friends, I was reminded of myself. It was a bit scary. I like to think of myself as an independent no-nonsense lady who don’t need a gentleman. If You’re Not The One was a nice reminder it is okay to change your mind. I’m not saying I’m off to read Bridesmaids or start picking stuff for my wedding to Charming Prince, but Laura Briggs presented enough strong arguments for me to let the guard down and let the door open to fluffy feelings.

But this is not all that the book brought me. I simply loved that all three women, Natalie, Ama and Tessa have three different personalities, they are independent, fun, and despite this being a romance novel, it also brings a lot of woman power and massive waves of girl friendship! Reading If You’re Not The One is like having a girl’s night in: boys, work, nail polish and pizza! It allowed me to breathe calmly, to smile during sweet moments, to hope for a happy ending, and to wish I could taste the food described!!! My favourite part really was that those ladies have a business to run, a life apart from looking (or not) for the man of their dreams. Go girls!!! On top of their Wedding Belles company, they even have time for their own work thing. Women have superpowers. And sometimes they can have it all… Can’t they?

Society tells us we have to choose. Work or love. Work or babies. Work or social life. It feels as if our lives are divided between work and everything else. I say no to this! And so does Laura Briggs. What a feel-good yummy read!

So, I guess you’re wondering about the romance itself… I was a bit worried. Would it be boring? Would it feel like watching those afternoon movies I hate so much? The answer’s no!!! If You’re Not The One doesn’t have one love story. Or two. But three! Three different takes and issues stemming from having or looking for a relationship. Each woman walk her path, with more or less ease, and show us different faces of love. My favourite, once again, is Natalie, and this fantastically bittersweet story of a girl who grew up with closed eyes.

These days’ hardships require us to take break and If You’re Not The One is the remedy to all the bad news and dark days. This novel is a bubble of happiness, joy, love and friendship. It’s the marshmallow you dip in the hot chocolate on a rainy day and the chocolate ice-cream you devour on scorching afternoons. A wonderful piece of Wedding Cake, cosy and yummy. It felt me sighing with bliss. If You’re Not The One won my heart and made it melt!

Ready for pre-order?? Here’s the way!



Laura Briggs is an author of both traditional and self-published novels. Her bestselling titles include LATE TO THE WEDDING and A WEDDING IN CORNWALL.

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5 thoughts on “It’s #BookoutureWeek! Day 4: If You’re Not The One by Laura Briggs @PaperDollWrites @bookouture”

  1. Something different on choconwaffles today. I expect you will be back with blood crime and gore by the end of the week though!
    I have read 1 of Laura’s books before and it was sweet, easy fun reading. Definitely an author I like to pick up now and then.
    Amanda xx


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