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Every Day is Mental Health Day! #InternationalMentalHealthDay

Today is World Mental Health day.

Scrap that, it was yesterday! I was about to post when it hit me. Why so we only have a single day to talk about it? So, I’m publishing this now and sue me if you disagree…

mental health

Back to yesterday … I knew that when I turned on the TV, I wouldn’t hear about it. Unless someone with a mental illness starts killing people again, mental health won’t make the news. This is terribly sad and I am absolutely outraged by it. But today is not a day to be mad. Today is a self-care day. Today is a day to hold out your hand to someone and make sure you lend an ear to whoever needs it.

To hell with TV and their awful programs about what we are supposed to feel and live. There are other ways to raise awareness and help each other. We talk a lot about the effects of social media. Well, one positive side I want to focus on is that those platforms have given me a voice.

I want to shout out loud what I have experienced. I want to shout that there is no shame in suffering from any mental health issue. I want to let everyone know there is a path. Okay, it’s winding, difficult, sometimes dark, but it’s a path that leads to brighter days through the fog of those endless shadowy and horrendous hours when your mind tells you that life can be reduced to only what you’re experiencing now, that you will never be looking at the sun with a smile on your face ever again, that you’ll always be the woman (or guy) in the background with hair in your face and a cringe because of the cold.

Mental illnesses lie. They put a veil on everything you see, touch, taste, smell. They build a wall between you and the world. We can help destroy it. You are not alone.

Now where does all this wisdom come from? Who am I to talk about this subject? Here is something I would not had had the courage to do three years ago.

My name is Meggy. (You’re supposed to say ‘Hi Meggy!’) I suffer from a General Anxiety Disorder, mild depression (whatever doctors mean by mild!), social anxiety and agoraphobia.

If you’re following this blog or if you have checked my Twitter or Facebook account, you might not believe it. I was at Bloody Scotland a couple of weeks ago! I had a one-day trip to London a week earlier. I work at a bookstore. I’m going to a French literary festival this weekend.

It is not written on my face. It’s not in the way I move. It’s not at the corner of my eyes when I smile.

The problem is, one thing you can do today might be impossible tomorrow. I might be at the top of my league for a month and then something happens or someone tells me something and I fall back down into my pit faster than it takes a Scottish man to gulp down a beer.

One thing to remember is to not judge. You are not in my shoes (I never lend them!) You are not in my position. I don’t want you to be. I am only expecting an open-mind.

And you know what? It’s okay not to be okay. Why should I be ashamed?

Let me tell you a secret.

These days, my social anxiety is the strongest. I fear people are leaving me, I fear I am not good enough to be part of this blogging community. I am afraid to bother people when I message them. I feel like no one wants to talk to me.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.25.42.png
Bad day

I haven’t told anyone. But today is the day I share. Because my last Instagram picture was a smiling face, but it’s just a moment in a day. I try hard to hold on to those moments but at times it’s simply not enough. I might cry or feel awful. But it’ll pass. I smash those bad times by being as happy as possible when the demons are quiet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.25.28.png
(very) Happy day (thanks Jacky <3)

I hope each and every one of us can find more happy moments than bad ones. I want you to not be disappointed in yourself when there is something you can’t do. I don’t want you to tell yourself you are worthless.

You are not.

You are a warrior. You fight and deal with crap that your brain tries to feed you with. Mental illness doesn’t define you, even if it messes with the way you live, the way you interact with people. You are so much more than an illness. You are a person with a lot to offer.

People might see me as vulnerable, a sweet thing to take care of. I laugh at their face. I am strong. I’m a Buffy with vampires in my head! I have won more battles than they can even imagine. They don’t need to know, and I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I smile and go my way.

Should it prevent me from getting my dream job? NO WAY. Let’s be more open-minded, more observant, and more tolerant. Let’s say ‘it’s okay to talk about it.’ Let’s just be there and share the strength and love.

They keep telling us we need to exercise to stay fit and have a good physical health. Well, it’s the same for mental health. It takes time, effort, sweat, practice, but we can change things, we can stop the blindness and taboos, we can kick ass.

Mental health is important. Take care of yourself. Take care of those around you.


74 thoughts on “Every Day is Mental Health Day! #InternationalMentalHealthDay”

  1. Thanks for this honest post Meggy. I also suffer from Anxiety disorder but I am always hesitant to talk about it. Also I have a bipolar family member, I grew up without them diagnosed until I was in my late twenties, it was such an eye opener, for me as I think that person never, ever thought about asking for help, and we never thought she needed help, you know.
    It’s okay to talk about it. Although I am always scared of being judged. not gonna lie 😦

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    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder too. It is never easy to talk about it and it’s okay not to share as publicly as I do, but I do hope you have someone to talk to about it. I’m a message away if you need.
      I also fear the judgement of people, and I hesitated about posting thinking “what if I’m right? Or what if a potential employer sees this?” Well, this is me, and it’s my fight, so I decided to take the risk, but I completely understand your feelings. Thank you for sharing with me 🙂

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      1. Aw you’re very sweet! Thank you.

        Mine was mostly work related. I had a reaaallly well paid job, but the stress was driving me insane. I resigned one day, or shall i say I finally had the guts to leave! I found a job in the UK afterwards and changed countries. I don’t have a super package and high salary here but my work life balance is much better here. It sometimes lurks, anxiety, i feel it but at least no more stress and worries at work now. My life quality is so different now. I am like another person. So anyone suffering from anxiety, my word of advice will be: find the things that makes you feel worse and just clean them, wipe them from your life. It’s worth it.

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        1. Work can affect so many parts of us. I am glad you managed to move the the UK and that things are better for you! This sounds very good, it seems you’ve made the right choices 🙂 I’ve decided my health was more important than the number given by my bank account, and I am choosing my friends carefully to make sure not to add stress to life. It took a while for me to understand I needed to get rid of some people but it’s in progress. I hadn’t realised I was staying up all night thinking about my issues with them while they actually don’t care / don’t realise the power I allowed them to have on me…

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          1. oh no, sorry to hear you had some problematic people in your life. I hope it’s not too emotionally draining for you to cut them off. When you have anxiety it also have the curse of feeling emphatic towards other people and on constant worry about how they feel / if you hurt them, so when you bump into people who “simply doesn’t care anyone but themselves” it can be a nightmare. I hope you pull the weeds sooner than you expect Meggy. Thanks for the honest chat!


    1. Thank you 🙂 It is a bit difficult to post things like these but so important, and not just for me. I don’t seek pity or whatever, I just want to let others know it takes so many different people to create a world and sometimes someone else faces the same issues 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing! It was super brave of you ❤ 🙂
    I quite often feel like quite similarly – i only have anxiety disorder tho – and like in your case most people don't know or even aware what it is. The difference is, nobody thinks i'm a sweet thing, haha.
    But i'm learning about this thing every day.

    Hang in there, and take care 🙂
    *hugs *

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    1. I always feel shy with those posts, but the need to publish and get over whatever is in my way is stronger 🙂
      Haha, I hate people thinking I’m sweet because I deal with those issues, I want to strangle them!!! Take very good care of yourself. You know where to find me if needed 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me x

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    1. Aw, I felt quite shy writing this piece so I am relieved you read and appreciated it. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hesitated before publishing but if we keep all keep silent, things will never change, and I have always felt safe enough on my blog to share very personal things. Thank you, for everything. xxx

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  3. My Sweechie, I love you and admire you so, very very much. This is a wonderful post, filled with hope and strength and love, thank you so, so much for writing and sharing this, it speaks to me way more than you could imagine. Keep on smiling, keep on fighting and keep on being your awesome self. I love you my sweechie! xxx

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    1. Thank you so much! I keep hearing that we should do something but no one truly acts, and I find the idea of waiting for a single day in the year to remember we have issues to deal with and people to help is baffling me. This war is an every day battle xx


  4. Aww Meggy, thank you for sharing, thank you for being you and thank you for your valued opinions and reviews. You’re more than good enough to be part of the blogging community. You might not always feel it, so keep this for those days when you need to be reminded. xx

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    1. Your comment moved me to tears, lovely Jill. ‘Thank you’ can’t express how grateful I am. I will cherish and keep your wonderfully sweet words with me. I find comfort in sharing and hoping it reaches someone who needs something I can give, but sometimes it is difficult to admit certain truths. I’m glad I did with this post, and I am so grateful for your support xxx

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      1. In the past year I’ve become a bit of an expert in appreciating the comfort of sharing. Don’t bottle things up, just be you and be honest. Easy to hide behind a keyboard or a blog post, but telling the truth will ultimately make you stronger. When you have a down day, look back and appreciate your strength on the good ones. Much love, Jill xx


  5. Thanks for sharing this honest, inspiring post Meggy. Mental health is an issue that doesn’t have much awareness in my country. Recently, a few more conversations have started up but its still something really misunderstood. A family member was recently diagnosed as bipolar so I’m trying to understand it more now and read more on mental illnesses.

    Thanks for being so open. Sending you lots of love and best wishes ❤

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    1. I think all countries have a lot to do to make things better for mental health but I’m sad to hear yours is in the baby steps stage. I hope by talking about it, we can help start something. Thank you for reading without judgement and with love xxx


      1. Yoh absolutely should! It’s such an important topic too! I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I also find it therapeautic and motivating to write about my mental health


        1. Absolutely! It is so helpful to have an outlet to unburden yourself and to put your thoughts into sentences that mostly make sense, haha. The sharing comes later for me, I don’t want pity or anything, I just want to remind people that we are millions, and it’s okay.


          1. Same here, I only just got the courage to share my first blog post about mental health yesterday, but I’ve been writing about it for years for myself! I was quite surprised by the amount of messages I got afterwards from people who feel the same way


  6. Someone finally said it and spelled it out! Thank you!!! Mental illness is not something we should ever be ashamed of and even if it’ll be with us forever, we are still humans. We still have the capability of feeling happy or triumphant- thank you!!!

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  7. Thanks for reminding us that we are all warriors! I also suffer from anxiety and depression and it’s impossible to tell whether each day is going to be a good or bad one – sometimes I can start the day happy and end it feeling really low. I can feel great for days and then, as you said, something happens and I shrink back into my shell. Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s so important that we share our experiences 🙂


  8. Thank you for this. I just started my own blog and I was a little bit freaked out after posting for the first time, but I feel so much better after reading this. It reminded me of why I decided to start my blog in the first place. I wanted to say my piece, to be heard, and to fight.


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