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A Frenchie in London Week 4

Week 4?!
It feels like I’ve just arrived and I’ve been there forever at the same time. Weird thing!

So … What happened to me this week? (This is the moment I thank the Calendar app on my Mac because my brain can’t register everything!)



I worked, I ate lots of yummy food. I made mistakes. I learned. I had fun. I ate more food and cake. Life is good.


My boss kindly gave me my Wednesday off and I spent the morning with a fantastic friend of mine, the perfect Johana Gustawsson. I should have known this day was my day! I can’t think of a better morning than discussing everything from books to Buffy. Once again, we forgot to take pictures, as kindly reminded us adorable Thomas Bloody Enger, haha! Expect Frenchie selfies spam next time we are seeinge each other!

Then I decided to wander around Oxford street. As a ‘Congratulations for surviving this hell year’ my mother had been setting money aside so I could buy an iPhone, which I did, and I am not yet used to it. I feel old! I also treated myself with little other things, hence the Burberry picture above. Don’t get mistaken, this was all thanks to my adorable family celebrating the end of my studies and my birthday (a couple of months early!) It was weird and awesome to get into the shop and get a little something. Very surreal to be on their customers’ list now, haha! See you in ten years, Burberry!

So many people on Oxford  Street, so many shops and things to see and drool over, haha! Of course, I had to visit Waterstones Piccadilly and spot all the Orenda babies! I also discovered my name on the first page of The Dead Ex and shed a tiny tear in the middle of the shop!
It was hot, which means another victory on this anxiety trigger. I was ‘lucky’ to experience morning rush hour, sweaty rush hour, and go home to a boiling bedroom!

The next day was a very busy day at work. I mean VERY BUSY! Deadlines and different projects to work on, but what I remember most is receiving an email from the Bordeaux  University of Technology (If you follow me on Twitter, you already know!).

I am graduating saying goodbye to university, and getting my diploma in September (because I had the ‘weird’ idea to make my last internship a long one to get more experience … Yes, my teachers were skeptical and annoyed at this. Go figure!)
Truth be told, I was afraid. My finals hadn’t gone as planned and failing those after a year of working your ass o** is very very upsetting. But it turns out it’s okay not to be perfect (although I am :p) because my grades throughout the year are more than enough to make up for one fail and my overall average is quite good!
The result? I have never been more confident. I am proud of myself, I hold my head up and I have stopped comparing myself to others. I finally understood I was not useless and hopeless. I still have to work on that hypersensitivity at times, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

This weekend has been very busy! From leaving the house at ten yesterday to join the Pride parade at Trafalgar Square (after a trip at Waterstone without buying A SINGLE BOOK!) to the absolute Sunday morning watching a cricket game!

Yes, cricket called for a posh picture 😛😂

I won’t lie, some days are easier than others. I miss my dogs, I am missing important family gatherings, the weather is killing me, and work can be difficult at times, but I am keeping in mind this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and as much as I love London, I don’t know when I’ll be back for this long, so I am embracing the good and the bad days.

That’s it for this week’s wrap-up! A bit of work, four reviews to write (if I don’t fall asleep on the Kindle or laptop) and another week will be here!

I hope you had a great week and may the next be COOLER and fantastic!

17 thoughts on “A Frenchie in London Week 4”

  1. You look so great in all the pictures, your smile and happiness is evident! So you wouldn’t consider moving to London permanently? I get that you miss home though! I hope your next week will be just as wonderful as this one was! Have a great week lovely!


    1. Aw 💕 I really am happy. I believe it is the first time in my life I am that happy. I would move to London in a heartbeat! I’m close to family and friends, and we are supposed to have a cooler weather (except at the moment!!!), if I miss French food I can easily get some, it’s all amazing. But so expensive. Still, if the opportunity arose, I would not hesitate! Have a wonderful week, my darling Inge! Xxx

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  2. It looks like you’ve been so busy! I’m so proud of you my Sweechie, you’re doing amazing ❤ Thank you for making us live your adventure with us – and congratulations on graduating!!! 😀


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