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No More Orenda Books Reviews…

Everything is said…

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Did the title scare you?

I am NOT leaving my beautiful #TeamOrenda! I will keep on cheering, reading, loving, and talking about the books, ALL THE BOOKS, that our fantastic publisher offers. There is no way for me to stay away from anything with the Orenda Books logo on it. I am pretty sure Karen puts an addictive mix to the covers so when we look at it or touch it, we instantly feel the urge to get and read the stories.

But I did decide not to review Orenda Books stories. It was not an easy decision to make as I LOVE raving about them. There is always so much to say. Plus, the tours are beautifully and smoothly organised and it feels great to be part of such a passionate group of readers.

There is only one issue. As an intern at Orenda Books, I feel it would be wrong for me to keep promoting the books with my blog’s name. How can I be strictly unbiased when I am behind the scenes and helping out mama Orenda to get the best books out there, even at a teeny tiny scale? Some might be able to pull it off, but my heart tells me I need to step back.

I had lengthy late night discussions with my conscience and we came up with this result. It is better for me to step down from blog tours and reviews for as long as I am working as an intern at Orenda Books. This means I am going to stalk you and leave the longest comments ever on your posts when you do review anything from Orenda Books. Sorry! Not sorry!

Please, don’t count the number of times I’ve written Orenda Books in this post. I get a little carried away at times!

I will keep on being active on social media and you will see me reading stories and even post a random thought, but no more blog posts for now. Feel free to come to me and chat about them, though! I LOVE IT!

There is a huge heap of books on my floor waiting to be reviewed, so Chocolate’n’Waffles will still be busy and happy!

A little end note to say a million thanks to Karen Sullivan for everything she does and for opening her door and her heart to me. I am well aware of my luck and will make the best of this experience!

35 thoughts on “No More Orenda Books Reviews…”

  1. Completely get where you are coming from and it is a sensible decision as so many people fail to see it is possible to work for/with a company and still give an honest opinion. That said it is equally hard to say bad things about people you work with too (not that this is likely with an Orenda author anyhow…)

    We trust you and your views implicitly though so don’t forget to keep singing the praises of those there Orenda titles. We will have plenty to chat about over the next few months I think 🤔 😉


    1. Your words mean a lot to me, thank you ❤ I thought it was the right thing to do especially now with all the talks about bloggers and the drama. I want to feel free and keep my voice, but have my work and my hobby separated in some way so I won't be accused of losing my integrity. I would hate it if it impacted Orenda Books. It is sad, though, that some people don't trust enough to believe you can write in an unbiased way.
      Oh, there's a lot coming up! 😀 xxx

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    1. Thank you for supporting this decision 🙂 It wasn’t easy to take the step and my boss, Orenda mama, was all for me keeping up with my reviews on the blog, she’s adorable, but I don’t want anything to put the house in a situation where people think opinions on the books could be biased!


  2. I completely understand the decision you were making and cannot imagine that anyone else wouldn’t. This way you can just enjoy the work there and process and don’t have to worry about writing biased reviews (although, aren’t we all biased in our own little ways?). Still, completely get it 😀 and have fun!


  3. I agree that this is probably the best decision for now at least. There are mean people who may want to cause trouble and call you / Orenda biased and that would be awful. Even though it wouldn’t be true, it would bring about pressure and bad feeling. So, you can enjoy reading the books without reviewing (or at least not for immediate publication) and I’m sure you have some non orenda books you could read and review if you choose. I have a feeling your London life will be full of fun whatever you do.
    Lots of love Amanda. xx


    1. Absolutely! I don’t want anything bad to come out of this chance I have been given and if I can have a stress-free internship, everyone will be happier!
      I am loving this London life!
      Thank you so much for your understanding and support. I always need it ❤

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  4. Whoaa that title scared me for a bit! I’ll miss your Orenda reviews but I completely understand… Enjoy this fantastic experience as an intern!! You totally deserve. it. ❤ ❤


    1. Eh eh, my boss knew it was too scary, but that was my intention xD I don’t want to put my blog or Orenda at risks of being seen as dishonest so I feel more confident this way 🙂 Thank you darling, I am so happy to be here and be able to learn from one of the best xxxxxx

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      1. Yeah I totally get that, and why add the extra stress in the first place? I do think people who know you would never say your reviews would be dishonest though. ❤ Enjoy your time there to the fullest!! xx


  5. It’s a real shame that you feel this decision is necessary but I quite understand why especially in the current blogging climate! Have a wonderful time with Orenda and then you can go back to shouting about the books!! xx


  6. Good call although it wouldn’t really make a difference, we know you love everything Orenda Books publishes :-). Are you going to read the books though alongside the tours or not read them at all? I find it hard to believe you’re really skipping them altogether. Good luck with your internship, you’re going to be brilliant!


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