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This Week in One-Liners

The last couple of days have been… eventful, to say the least. I am not at my best, and I need to vent. This is when I remember this blog is not all about books but also about me, about how we feel, and all your fabulous comments have spurred me to share this little less happy time. I need to vent!

These one-liners are not good, I am not a writer. This is a post to let go of feelings and stuff stuck inside. I heard it helps 🙂


“I feel like a book whose pages are slowly torn apart”


“Move, you jackass!”


“I need a spell which turns teachers into rats so we can put them in little cages and make them run for their life like they are doing to us right now.”


“I tickle my printer but nothing happens.”

fax whisperer.gif

“Yikes, my face was not made to be photographed.”

hate everyone.gif

“I’ll drop the sandwich so I can squeeze another book into my bag.”

https _mashable.com_wp-content_gallery_book-lovers_rapunzel-books.gif


“I have nothing to wear except my dog’s coat.”

nothing to wear.gif

“I need a virgin-drink.”


“Mister Pointy would be very useful right now.”

Mr. Pointy.gif

“A big mac with French fries and a coke.”



Ps: I can’t blog-hop right now, but I appreciate each visit, like, and comment (they cheer me up!) and I promise to get back to you as soon as I feel better and have a little time!

16 thoughts on “This Week in One-Liners”

  1. Venting is the best remedy to start feeling better! Feel free to vent away. In the meantime I’ll be sending a healthy dose of chocolate, puppies and free hugs to cheer you up. ❤ ❤


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