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My totally-not-original TOP 17 books of the year featuring so many @Bookouture & @OrendaBooks !

2017… 17 books… Get it? Okay, the truth is I couldn’t boil down the list to less than seventeen books so I used the first excuse I found! Which means next year I’ll have even more room for book love!

top 17

2017 was filled with books, more than I have ever read. You could say it’s a great thing, and it is, but it makes the task of choosing your favorite and keep the count down to 10 impossible! So yes, I cheated, but can it really be deemed cheating when you use the number of the year you’re saying goodbye to? :p Instead of the usual top ten, you get the seventeen books that have had the biggest impact on me or gave me the best reading time. I wish I could have added more, but I’m playing the game… Sort of!

In no particular order…






Tada!!! The choices were harder than when you have to pick a nail polish color in a Sephora shop! So many Orenda Books and Bookouture stories, oops!

I’m looking forward to see what 2018 has in store, and you? Not too long to wait now!
Do we have favorites in common?
What are the titles you’re looking for next year?

25 thoughts on “My totally-not-original TOP 17 books of the year featuring so many @Bookouture & @OrendaBooks !”

  1. Brilliant post!! So many of these I’m looking forward to read (thanks to you of course) like Maria in the Moon, Best intentions, the Idea of You, Six Stories and Block 46!! The only one on here I’ve actually read is the Mountain in my shoe and that was fantastic!!


  2. Great list Meggy. The Surrogate, Liar, Blink and Darkest Lies are also on my list of favourites. I will definitely add some of the other titles to my TBR. Have a fantastic 2018.


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