September Wrap-up: Hello New Life!

It’s this time of the month, again! If I used to complain about how time flies by, it’s nothing compared to September. I feel just saying the month’s name makes days disappear! I won’t make this a long post as I’m in bed with something that looks like the flu!


What’s New?


Even a new me, I believe. No, an update of the awesome me I’ve always been, haha! I chased parking lot spaces, I started cursing in traffic jam again, I walked in Bordeaux and (re)discovered great places, I made fantastic friends, I laughed out loud forever and disturbed students trying to work (Thanks my Flo à Paillettes). I did not know I could laugh and be relaxed outside of home, but with a little help from my friends, it all came back to me. I feel I’m right where I belong, and I’m trying not to freak out about grades!!!

Of course, all was not happy faces and sunshine, I’ve had lows, but even during the darkest days, I can’t help thinking I’m happy. I’m professionally happy. My bottom hurts from sitting too long on uncomfortable chairs but I get to spend my days talking about books. Well, 90% of the time. They decided we needed to learn the binary language and other monsters like this…

My schedule is so hectic the blog has been on the back burner, but I’m working on plans to make it fit into my days because I miss blogging, and I miss my online friends. I am not abandoning you!!

All in all, I had an awesome birthday, I overcome mountains, I’m testing limits, and I’m clinging to my dream so no one steals it from me again.

Books I read

I’m surprised I managed to fit more than one book in this month! There’s one book I’m dying to read but haven’t had the time since I’m still stuck with my teacher’s giant book… Still, I’m happy with the books I got to spend time with!

Books I reviewed

Is a Mortgage the Worst Thing you Can Get: The House by @Simon_Lelic @PenguinUKBooks

Book Lover Paradise or.. Nightmare: House of Spines by @michaelJmalone1 @OrendaBooks #BlogTour

More than Words: Maria in the Moon by Louise Beech @LouiseWriter @OrendaBooks #BlogTour

The World Isn’t a Safe Place: The Kindred Killers @GrahamSmith1972 @Bloodhoundbook #BlogTour

Float the Boat: Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys @TransworldBooks #BlogTour

Aim for Happiness: Reach for the Stars, Colleen Coleman @CollColemanAuth @bookouture #BlogTour

Careful What You Wish For: The Surrogate by Louise Jensen @Fab_fiction @bookouture

Again, not bad for a Prime Minister :p I think it helps a lot that I enjoy writing reviews without any pressure anymore!

New Books (won, purchased, for review, whatever)

I blame Kim from Bookouture for the Christmas story and my friend Véro for Bonfire!

Going Live!

Wanna know what’s a small book event in France looks like? (thanks for the awful face, Youtube!)

Once Upon a Time, a Ginger Fairy Got her 1st Book-Related Job: The Polar en Cabanes Event


Blogging Life

Not enough 😦 I miss visiting blogs. I said that already, didn’t I? There’s no way I’m letting work take me away, I just need to use my time turner, and find a way to be everywhere!

Cover reveal

Open the Curtains for… The New Barbara Copperthwaite @BCopperthwait @bookouture #CoverReveal

Guest posts

Mummy?: The Mother by Jaime Raven @JaimeRaven1 @Sabah_K @HarperCollinsUK #BlogTour #GuestPost

This week in books

This Week in Books (September 20th 2017)


37 Hours by J. F. Kirwan @kirwanjf @TAsTPublicity #BlogTour #Excerpt

That’s a wrap on September! Did the month treat you well? Let me know and leave a link to your wrap-up if you want! x


63 thoughts on “September Wrap-up: Hello New Life!”

  1. I’m so, so happy and proud of you my Sweechie, for going after your dreams and letting nothing stop you. Could use some inspiration ahah ❤ I hope that October will be as awesome as September has been. Go, you ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Like you, I have started a new work-life balance this September and it’s both fun and challenging at the same time. I wish you the very best of luck on your new journey, lots of exciting times ahead, but also the time to catch up on the things you would like to do.


    1. I need a better balance! I can’t keep up with work, commuting, and blogging! I feel I’m missing out on things! Also, my poor reading time is at its lowest! But I’m happy, I’m learning things about books and about me and how we can marry :p


  3. Wow, you still packed a lot of bookish stuff in despite starting your studies. I’m sorry you’re feeling sick, that sucks! I always tend to get bugs when school starts, then my immune system catches on and I don’t get anything for a while.
    Well done on the Uni stuff, it sounds amazing. I hope you manage to fit everything you want in without burning out. Take care of yourself Meggy.


    1. I’m surprised I even had time to blog a little! My days are so short! I guess the new schedule and the “away all day” had to take a tool on my body and it reacted by giving me the flu! I’m still not entirely cured but doing okay! 🙂 I’m like weed, I don’t give up!
      Uni is amazing and scary. So much work! I hope I’m up for the challenge. Presentations and exams are coming soon so we’ll have an answer to that… I try to take care, promise! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It seems like you had an incredible month Meggy. I hope you’re enjoying your studies, and oh also that you had an incredible birthday as well! 😀 ❤
    I get with all that's going on your blogging has had to be pushed back a little, honestly I'm surprised you've managed to read/blog as much as you have with all that's been going on! 🙂
    I hope you October ends up being as incredible as your September was, and great post as well. 😀 ❤


    1. Enjoying isn’t even close to how much I love my studies, even though I’m forced to learn the binary system and do some maths, haha! My birthday was nice, I don’t celebrate much but I was happy this year, and it makes all the difference 🙂
      I love blogging so much I miss doing it more but this is just for the year, and I’m still around, just not able to comment and share every day.. That’s what I tell myself to cope!
      I wish you a fantastic October, not too spooky!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s good to hear, makes it so much more fun when you love what you’re doing. To be honest I don’t celebrate my birthday much but as long as it’s nice each year that’s what I hope for. 🙂
        Blogging will still be here when the year is over, and hopefully all of us will be as well.
        Ha, thanks Meggy! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Meggy, I’m so glad September was a fantastic month for you! You got a lot of reading in! Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None was the first Agatha Christie book I had to read for school. I wish a book of hers had been on the list for each grade level instead of only two books over the years. I’ve been very behind in all things projects, the blog, reading, bullet journaling. I am going to *try* to get a better handle on some things so I can get a little better balance.


    1. Thank you lovely! It was a tough month, but I learned so much about me and how far I was willing to go to make things happen, I’m proud of myself and what happened 🙂 Miracles happen! Loved this first Agatha Christie in English and I’ve seen a collection that would be perfect for my bookcase :p
      Don’t tell me about balance, I feel I’m a bad blog mom, I can barely blog and interact and share! 😦 I need more hours!


  6. You should be proud of your reviews and I can understand that you don’t want to change your own voice and your unique style but you never know what you can find out and might prove useful, right :-). I find the publishing world fascinating too and I’m happy I can get a glimpse of it through you. The book event wouldn’t be for me though, I’m much too shy ;-). Even when you have so much going on, you still did an amazing job reading and reviewing so many books! I hope October will bring you just as much joy!


    1. Thank you lovely, I admit a part of me was dreading but expecting it, I’ll go academic for the course, and maybe learn a few things on the way, but I’m so happy and enjoying writing my reviews the way I do right now that I don’t want it to change. I love sharing this publishing adventure with you so I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’ll post a video about my internship at the bookstore when I’m done! And a little something when classes are over to sum them up!
      See, it’s funny because I’ve always been labelled shy, so I thought I was, and yet… This week I jumped on an opportunity and got a picture with the boss of a publishing company I love! What passion makes you do!
      I wish you a great and not too cold October filled with great books and moments ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I think you are handling all the changed brilliantly. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed at some point, but you’ve been doing great 😀 I know you’ve been really busy, but if you ever want to talk, I am here ❤


  8. Reading this made my evening! So happy to see you happy! ❤ ❤ Keep rocking their socks off, you deserve it!! Loved that book event as well. Have a wonderful October my dear! xxx


          1. Yeah it doesn’t sound right, but I have learned out of my own experience that some professors only approve their own opinion or way of doing things… Happened to me a lot during uni; I always tried to please them during the course and keep doing my own thing afterwards. 😉 There is nothing wrong with your reviews and authors/publishers seem to love them as well. xx

            Liked by 1 person

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