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This Week In Books (August 9th 2017)


This Week In Books is a weekly update on what you’ve been reading hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found . A similar meme is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

I’ve had a very nice reading time since the last TWIB post! I think I’ve finally managed to fit more books into my routine!

∧ Then ∧

If You Could See Me Now, Keris Stainton

if you could see me now

Izzy Harris should have it all – but her boyfriend has been ignoring her for months, she’s been overlooked for a promotion, and the owner of her local coffee shop pervs on her every time she has a craving for a salted caramel muffin.

Then her life is unexpectedly turned upside down.

Izzy dumps her oblivious boyfriend, and leaps on the chance to win a big pitch at work. Needing to work closely with gorgeous colleague Alex is an added perk…

But then her best friend has her heart broken, the pitch is way more complicated than expected, and Alex is keeping secrets. Does Izzy have what it takes to help her friend, save her career and get the guy?

Review tomorrow! I know, the suspense is killing you!

Best Intentions, Erika Raskin

best intentions

Marti Trailor—social worker on hold, mother of three, wife of a successful obstetrician, daughter of a Congressman—is ready to go back to work. She’s thrilled when the perfect opportunity falls in her lap. The catch? The job is at her husband’s hospital and he seems not to share her enthusiasm. Undeterred, she takes the position counseling vulnerable young women as they prepare to give birth.

Marti quickly begins to feel like she is making a difference in the lives of her clients. Soon, though, she finds herself caught up in the dark side of the medical center—with its long hours, overworked doctors and entrenched practices. When she witnesses something she can’t unsee, Marti, who has always done her best to keep a low-profile, finds herself thrust under a dangerous spotlight with all of Richmond, Virginia watching.

In her captivating domestic suspense novel Best Intentions, Erika Raskin weaves together high stakes hospital politics, the pressures of family life, and the consequences of trying to do the right thing.

OMG. I loved this book! Not saying anything more until the review is up on Saturday!

The Other Girl, Erica Spindler

the other girl

Officer Miranda Rader of the Hammond PD in Louisiana is known for her honesty, integrity, and steady hand in a crisis—but that wasn’t always so. Miranda comes from Jasper, just south of Hammond, a place about the size of a good spit on a hot day, and her side of the tracks was the wrong one. She’s worked hard to leave the girl she used to be behind and earn respect in her position as an officer.

However, when Miranda and her partner are called to investigate the murder of one of the town’s most beloved college professors, they’re unprepared for the gruesomeness of the scene. This murder is unlike any they’ve ever investigated, and just when Miranda thinks she’s seen the worst of it, she finds a piece of evidence that chills her to the core: a faded newspaper clipping about a terrible night from her long-buried past. Then another man turns up dead, this one a retired cop, and not just any cop—Clint Wheeler, the cop who took her statement that night. Two murders, two very different men, two killings that on the surface had nothing in common—except Miranda. 14 years ago.

And when her fingerprints turn up at the scene of the first murder, Miranda once again finds herself under the microscope, her honesty and integrity doubted, her motivations questioned. Alone again, the trust of her colleagues shattered, Miranda must try to trust the instincts she’s pushed down for so long, and decide what’s right—before it’s too late.

I know the book has already appeared on TWIB but there was always something to prevent me from getting to it! Now it’s done! Review next week!

Nocturnes, Cinq Nouvelles de Musique au Crépuscule
(Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall)
, Kazuo Ishiguro


Des piazzas italiennes aux collines de Malvern, d’un appartement londonien à l’étage feutré d’un hôtel de Hollywood, voici des musiciens de rue, des stars déchues, tous en quête d’un nouveau mouvement à jouer.
Si la musique demande des sacrifices, un saxophoniste doit-il accepter la chirurgie esthétique pour réussir ? Faut-il qu’un crooner change d’existence pour retrouver le succès ?

In this sublime story cycle, Kazuo Ishiguro explores love, music and the passage of time. This quintet ranges from Italian piazzas to the Malvern Hills, a London flat to the “hush-hush floor” of an exclusive Hollywood hotel. Along the way we meet young dreamers, café musicians and faded stars, all at some moment of reckoning.
Gentle, intimate and witty, Nocturnes is underscored by a haunting theme: the struggle to restoke life’s romance, even as relationships flounder and youthful hopes recede.

Finally starting off with the mandatory reads… Wow, reading in French takes some adjustments!!!! And the theme is not my cup of tea. Let’s say it was not as boring as expected, but it was not really interesting either!

It Happens all the Time, Amy Hatvany

it happens all the time

Amber Bryant and Tyler Hicks have been best friends since they were teenagers—trusting and depending on each other through some of the darkest periods of their young lives. And while Amber has always felt that their relationship is strictly platonic, Tyler has long harbored the secret desire that they might one day become more than friends.

Returning home for the summer after her college graduation, Amber begins spending more time with Tyler than she has in years. Despite the fact that Amber is engaged to her college sweetheart, a flirtation begins to grow between them. One night, fueled by alcohol and concerns about whether she’s getting married too young, Amber kisses Tyler.

What happens next will change them forever.

In alternating points of view, It Happens All the Time examines the complexity of sexual dynamics between men and women and offers an incisive exploration of gender roles, expectations, and the ever-timely issue of consent.

Thanks to my dear Annie for this rec! Mixed feelings and a very small review coming your way soon!

≈ Now ≈ Dead to Me, Stephen Edger

dead to me.jpg

How do you catch a killer who knows your every move?

The woman lay flat on the table, her face to one side, her wrists bound with thick tape. Deep scratches marked the wood beneath her fingers, now resting cold and still…

When a woman’s body is found in an abandoned bar near the Southampton docks, Detective Kate Matthews is called in to lead the investigation. She must solve this case to prove she is coping with the death of a close colleague.

Kate knows a pile of ripped up newspaper cuttings discovered at the victim’s house must be a piece of the puzzle, but her team keep hitting dead-ends… Until she finds a disturbing clue that convinces her of three things: The murder is linked to the body of a man found hanging in a warehouse, she is on the hunt for a calculated serial killer, and the killer is watching her every move.

Kate realises there will be another victim soon, and that her own life is in grave danger, but no one else believes her theory. Can she find and stop the most twisted killer of her career, before another life is lost?

An absolutely NAIL-BITING thriller that will keep you guessing to the very last page. Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, James Patterson and MJ Arlidge.

So excited about this one! I’m only 6% (in at 11pm on Tuesday night xD) but I like the writing!

∨ Next ∨ NO IDEA!!!!!

It will depend on my uni work, some things happening in my private life, and mostly on my mood!

That’s it for this week! What’s on your reading list? Let me know!!



35 thoughts on “This Week In Books (August 9th 2017)”

  1. I’m really struggling to pick my next read. I’ve been randomly selected books, I’ve got so many highly anticipated books, it’s quite overwhelming- a good problem to have, I guess 😂


  2. Looks like you’ve had some great reading experiences this week! 🙂 I’m intrigued by so many of these books, so I shall look out for your reviews!


  3. Some good books there, I’m especially looking forward to tomorrows review. The French one doesn’t sound like my cup of tea either, but as its a mandatory read, you had to read it, glad you thought it was ok.
    I have just started ‘Where there’s Smoke’. Remember I had it on my ‘summer reads’ post and the cover wasn’t that intriguing. It is good so far and the cover makes more sense now I have read a bit of it.
    Hope you have a good week.


    1. I hope you’ll enjoy the review! 🙂 I’m also very much looking forward to the publication of the review of Best Intentions as it’s not a blog tour, but an old ARC I had, and it was nice to choose something I wanted to read, not had to read!
      Ishiguro was… Well, the mix of French and stories in which nothing happens was not as bad as Lolita :p
      Yes I remember!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Have a great reading week, Amanda! xxx


  4. I look forward to see what you thought of Keris’s book! I’ve downloaded it but am a big fan of her YA!


  5. I was going to say you got through a lot of book this week, but I guess these are a couple of weeks worth of books right. Especially if it’s been a little while since your last TWIB post.
    I can’t wait to see your reviews for the ones you have read; especially If You Could See Me Now because it seems like such a cute story, and Best Intentions because of the comment you made in this post! 🙂
    Also whatever you pick up next I hope you really enjoy it, in between uni work and your real life as well! 😀 ❤


  6. Wow you were able to get through a lot! I will be looking forward to those reviews. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed you will enjoy Dead To Me so I will as well. 😉 I’ve heard mixed things so to be honest I’m a bit afraid to pick it up haha. Have a lovely reading week my dear!<3


      1. I’m at 39% right now and I’m liking it better than expected, especially after reading a few mixed reviews. Don’t like Kate at all though! 😉 xx


  7. That French book was a nice little plot twist! 😛 The subject is definitely atypical, but I’m definitely curious to hear what you’ve got say about it. Besides that? Thriller extravaganza!!! Hope you enjoyed all your reads, Meggy! 😛


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