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Lazy Saturday Review: One Little Mistake by @emmacurtisbooks @TransworldBooks @RosieMargesson


From Lipsyy : I started doing ‘lazy Saturday reviews’ as a way of getting reviews done in just 30 mins, and they proved to be quite popular. They are quick and snappy, and concentrate less on the plot (or content) and writing and more on my overall feelings about said book. They generally end up being a bit of a rant. My fave!

one little mistakeTitle: One Little Mistake
Author: Emma Curtis
Publisher: Transworld Books
Date of publication: June 15th 2017 (paperback)
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Number of pages: 448
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vicky Seagrave is blessed: three beautiful children, a successful, doting husband, great friends and a job she loves. She should be perfectly happy.

When she risks everything she holds dear on a whim, there’s only person she trusts enough to turn to.

But Vicky is about to learn that one mistake is all it takes; that if you’re careless with those you love, you don’t deserve to keep them . . .


We got off on the wrong foot, One Little Mistake and me.

From the first chapters, I was shaking my head in disbelief and I might have sworn a little. I knew there would be a mistake, yes, I read the titles of books I request! But I wasn’t expecting this! The woman in me was fast to judge, maybe too fast, as I have never faced the same kind of situation, but I did not warm to the main character at first because of her choice, and what I saw as a selfish decision of a bored wife with nothing to complain about. That was the thing. Vicky “had it all”, and when you do, you better be careful who you surround yourself with. But let’s be honest, we are not all paranoid robots putting up walls around us and it’s a normal reaction to guilt to want to talk about your mistake with someone, especially your best friend.

But then, my mind slowly changed and I almost “forgot” the mistake to focus on the domino effect it created, ending it with a bam I was definitely not expecting! I loved seeing the hints, suspecting, being trapped in this suburban life and its friendships, its confidence, its habits, and I adored seeing everything fall apart one by one. I was torn, I wanted to scream at one character to stop being so naive, I feared another character’s every move and reaction, sensing there was more than a nice face and a comforting shoulder to them, I wanted to hug Vicky and tell her we all make mistakes, because we do. And it might sound very sadistic but I enjoy this kind of stories where everything unfolds and all you can do is watch the house of cards be blown away by a single decision. There is no “one single mistake” here, there’s an avalanche of them, and you get eaten away by the addition of them all. 

I love discussing how one single decision can change everything, and I was not disappointed here. There are a hundred ways life can go wrong, and this book is the proof we should be more careful!

When you look at those nice houses and smiling faces, you don’t expect tension, but gosh you can feel it creep into the neighborhood and claws its way into the characters lives!! 

The writing flowed easily, the characterization gave enough so you could create pictures of everyone in your head and every page made me reconsider what I had assumed about each of them. One Little Mistake is a strong read that gets you hooked from the start and appeals to your senses and morality without leaving you a chance to put the book down!

I received an early copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and would like to thank the publisher and author for this.

You can get your copy on Amazon!

27 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Review: One Little Mistake by @emmacurtisbooks @TransworldBooks @RosieMargesson”

  1. Great review Donna! I enjoyed this book too and like you love that whole butterfly effect. I know what you mean about Vicky’s initial actions – the ex-social worker in me was literally screaming! You never truly know what somebody’s life is like and while on the surface they seem to have everything, happiness may still elude them xxx


  2. I think this book sounds like something we would agree on. I might not like her first decision and it would probably put me off her. (I’m making assumptions on what it is), but the aftermath would be good reading and seeing the fallout of that decision and what comes after it sounds like it would be a good read but also make us appreciate and be careful with our actions.
    A great review for an interesting sounding book.


  3. Great review for this book Donna. It’s amazing how, despite your feelings when you first started this book, the author managed to turn it around almost and have you hooked so quickly. That’s the sign of a good story, being so into it that you become almost addicted to finding out what will happen next. 🙂


  4. Wow this book sounds like a total rollercoaster of emotions!! I really like the sound of the way it made you re-evaluate everything all the time- that’s one of my favourite things in a thriller!! Great review 😀


  5. Good to hear this one proved your initial negative reaction wrong! I always love when a book is able to surprise and keep you interested. 😀 Great review!


  6. Ha 😀 that’s how I always write reviews! It’s just so much more interesting to talk about #feels than plots 😀

    Sometimes you can read and like a book even if you don’t condone what the MC does or chooses. I like it when it happens, cause it’s just.. not very likely, you know?

    So I’m interested in this one now 🙂


      1. You’re not boring, you just want to sum things up 😀 sometimes you have to bring up SOME plot because people need to be told what the book’s even about 😀 but with emotion based reviews, you almost never risk spoiler danger, so that’s the best part, in my opinion 🙂 and books like that, yeah 😀 it’s why in glad I don’t really DNF, because sometimes unexpected things just happen and it gets interesting 🙂


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