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This Week in Books (May 24th 2017)


This Week In Books is a weekly update on what you’ve been reading hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found . A similar meme is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

∧ Then ∧ Slave, Laura Frances


There is no sun. There is no moon. There is only gray—the smog belched from coal-fueled factories. The Workers silently shuffle to their assigned posts. The Outcasts watch from the alley walls. On every corner, a Watcher stands stone-faced, a rifle in hand. This is the only life that exists. Beyond the mountains is a dream. But dreams are foolish in a place like this.

Hannah has spent nineteen years dodging Watchers and doing as she is told.

“Do not look Watchers in the eye. Don’t give them a reason to notice you.”

But when she wakes to the valley exploding in revolution, Hannah is forced onto a dangerous path, where nothing is what she believed. Suddenly freedom is in her grasp, and the way there requires working with the men she once feared.

A very welcome change of scenery and a promising dystopian!

≈ Now ≈ Promised Lies, Marguerite Ashton

promised lies.jpg

Detective Lily Blanchette has a lot on her plate. Her sister, Celine, was murdered,

her parents are on the verge of divorce, and after a whirlwind romance, she married

a man she barely knows.

When the bodies of two young women are found, it is clear that the killer is the same

person who murdered her sister, Lily sets out to find out who that is.

As the investigation comes to life, Lily realises that all is not as it seems in her life,

who can she actually trust and who is she?

Only a few chapters in!

∨ Next ∨ Big Mushy Happy Lump, Sarah Andersen

big mushy.jpg

Sarah Andersen’s hugely popular, world-famous Sarah’s Scribbles comics are for those of us who boast bookstore-ready bodies and Netflix-ready hair, who are always down for all-night reading-in-bed parties and extremely exclusive after-hour one-person music festivals. 

In addition to the most recent Sarah’s Scribbles fan favorites and dozens of all-new comics, this volume contains illustrated personal essays on Sarah’s real-life experiences with anxiety, career, relationships and other adulthood challenges that will remind readers of Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half and Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. The same uniquely frank, real, yet humorous and uplifting tone that makes Sarah’s Scribbles so relatable blooms beautifully in this new longer form.

And something different again for the end of the week!

That’s it for this week! What’s on your reading list? Let me know!

54 thoughts on “This Week in Books (May 24th 2017)”

  1. I’m quite amazed, just when I think I’ve seen all the covers and read all the blurbs, I still see something new. I want to find out more about Promised Lies.. trust issues work great for me :-). Also a bit curious about Big Mushy Happy Lump, it seems such a feel good book!


  2. Slave looks good, but I’m dystop’ed out. 😦 Big Happy Mushy Lump looks fun .

    Let’s see, I’m reading: Universal Harvester, I just finished The Cinnamon Sands Academy – The Monster of Mars (MG novel), and up next is re-starting (and hopefully finishing this time) The Seventh Age: Dawn.


  3. Interesting and diverse choice of books! Sarah’s book is, I bet, super funny! I follow her page on facebook and I always get a chuckle at the new scribbles! 🙂

    I am currently in the middle of a beta read.. well.. the read is done, just putting together a feedback report now… lot of work! 🙂 I am reading a classical Estonian novel which is sooo trippy 20% in I don’t know what the hell I am reading and I also just started The Night Brother by Rosie Garland… the review snippet on the cover says; “A tumble of poetry, desire and passion… intriguing and delicious”– found this one on Netgalley and the uniqueness of it screamed out to me.. reviews are pretty good for it as well! excited!

    Happy reading! ❤


    1. I absolutely did not know her before finding this book on NG! But I’m looking forward to the experience of graphic novel! 😀
      I’m beta-reading too! But it’s a very first draft and it’s taking so much energy just focusing on the story as I was asked. Grammar screams at me, syntax too…
      Hahaha, I love that you keep reading the weird Estonian story! Happy reading dear! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So.. any tips on the Beta reading? I’ve done 3 over the last year and each time I was given a mobi copy of the book and to be honest, unless they’re willing to send me a word doc copy so I can add my two cents, I am not that willing to do beta reads.. with mobi copies it just adds double effort… first reading, making notes, highlighting. Then typing up the report (I spent about 8 hours on report typing alone for the last book!) Made me lose the will to live.. even though I enjoy doing it 🙂


        1. I’m definitely not a pro! I got a Word copy and I can only use Word to read as I’m so not paying for it, so I split my screen in two. The left is for the story, the right for an Open Office page, and I write my thoughts chapter by chapter, then I sum it up at the end! I admit the fact it’s a very first draft and it looks like no one reread it even once before I got it makes me cringe when I read, this one is no fun!

          Liked by 1 person

              1. ah do ‘t be feeling bad.. I was late as well with mine, but it’s better to do a sloe and thorough job than a rushed one.. plus I’m sure the author will appreciate it! 😊 good luck with the project! xx


  4. I really like the sound of Big Mushy Happy Lump – I think I might have to look out for a copy of that one. I haven’t heard of the other two books in your post either but both sound interesting. I hope you enjoy your reading this week 🙂 xx


  5. I loved reading Big Mushy Happy Lump! I don’t have a lot of experience reading graphic novels, but this one was really good. I hope you will enjoy it! Promised Lies sounds like an interesting thriller as well. Happy reading! ❤


  6. Ohh that last one sounds great and quite different from what I usually read as well! Hope you’ll enjoy your reading week my sweechie ❤


  7. These all seem like great books Donna. The dystopian genre has become a little tired for me but I’m glad to see Slave was a promising read for you. Also I love Sarah Andersen’s illustrations, that’s certainly a change for the end of the week! 😀
    I hope you enjoy all these books. 🙂


  8. Ooo I love Sarah’s Scribbles 😀 I love how relatable they are. I didn’t realize she had a book out so I think a trip to the bookstore is in order!


  9. Ohhhhh I’ve always wanted to try Sarah Andersen’s books. They seem so innocent and life-changing! 😛 But yoooooo, I saw that you got your hands on The Bat by Jo Nesbo!!! When are you reading it?! I’m 10000% looking forward to your thoughts on that. It’s one of my priority TBR books (for which.. I need to find a copy)!! Happy reading, Donna! 😀


    1. I’d never heard of Sarah before I stopped the book on Yvo’s blog!
      Yeaaah, I got the Nesbo!!! 😀 I hope to be reading it soon, but with the pile of ARCs I’m buried under… Definitely this summer! You can’t find a copy?? Plenty are available in paperback on Amazon France! Happy reading! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I like the sound of Promised Lies. And I like that there is something different but interesting sounding with Sarah’s Scribbles. I haven’t heard of it so will be interested in your review.
    Happy reading Donna.


    1. Promised Lies sounded great, but I’m reaching the end and I can’t make up my mind about it… Sarah’s Scribbles is something I really wanted to try, so I’m looking forward to it, even if I have to use the laptop to read it. Happy reading to you, my friend! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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