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Revenge is Better Served Cold: #blogtour @Nigel_May @bookouture

*Taker her best French accent… wait, she is French… Never mind*

Bonjour et bienvenue! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the fantastic Revenge by Nigel May! I am beyond thrilled to be sharing my thoughts on a story set in my magnificent country and I would like to personally thank Nigel for not including weird clichés about French people. (we do take showers daily, thank you very much!!)


Title: Revenge
Author: Nigel May
Publisher: Bookouture
Date of publication: February 10th 2017
Number of pages: 316
Format: e-ARC
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

If you keep dangerous secrets you’ll pay the ultimate price…

In the South of France, playground of the rich and famous, world renowned chef Dexter Franklin is organising a night to remember. As he opens the doors to his exclusive restaurant for the first time, he’s handpicked a list of guests, as hot and dazzling as the St Tropez sun itself:

Mew Stanton: Fashionable, beautiful and a notorious TV chef, Dexter’s ex-girlfriend has all the ingredients for success. As her books fly off the shelves, a secret from her past is about to surface with explosive consequences.

Holly Lydon: Ex girlband star who has fallen on hard times. Forced to make ends meet she’s having to sleep her way to the top. Now she’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Rosita Velázquez: Brazilian actress extraordinaire and girlfriend of Dexter’s brother, Leland. When she’s in town everybody needs to know about it, but this is one show-stopping entrance she’ll live to regret.

Three women have a past with Dexter and a grudge to bear against him. As fireworks ignite in the jet set capital of Europe, there’s murder on the menu. Who will be served their just desserts?

The sun is setting in the South of France. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and sit back for a read of revenge, regrets and shocking revelations that will have you hooked to the very last page.


Are you stuck under meters of snow? Has the rain been pouring for days on your windows, making your days longer and duller? Nigel May has the solution!

As a French myself, France appears so low on my wanderlust list that I never bother mentioning it. I am fully aware we have beautiful places (after all, I live in the most gorgeous city, Bordeaux) and a lot to offer to every one of your senses. But after finishing Revenge, I felt the strong urge to book a ticket to St Tropez for the hot season and see drama at its best.

There’s always been a very thin line between lovers and liars.

I am lucky to have spent many summers in the South of France, I know the warmth of the sun on your shoulders while you’re sipping a cocktail, I know the endless view of people wearing the less clothes possible, I have taken a look at the private clubs and their terraces full of Hollywood-like faces. I climbed the (empty) Cannes festival stairs, and I have caught glimpse of the sparkle of the Riviera.
Well, Nigel May captured the best and the worst of this French little world of glitters and champagne.

First of all, I need to mention it took me thirty minutes, a jar, papers and a pen to choose which quotes to use. The writing seems to be flowing so easily and sharply you won’t even notice you are reading. The book is like the gentle wave among the gigantic yachts of the Riviera bay, it rocks you and transports you, it cuts where it hurts and makes you laugh, it touches you, it moves you when you least expect it, it surprises you and offers you TMZ “OMG” moments.

There’s hardly room for any of your internal organs inside that dress, let alone the food on offer tonight.

Nigel’s characters are onions. Like all those people we see on TV or on the front page of glossy magazines I never read, their public face is on and at first it is all you see. Who knows if paps aren’t hiding being the bushes ready for their best shot. The introduction of each fundamental instrument of the story made it difficult for me to find a favorite as I learning about them, but Toni, Fabienne and Mew won me over. Hell, Nigel May managed to make me feel for every single of those characters, and believe me, it took work for some of them. I took it all in, like a sponge, and I loved every minute of it. They all have issues. Some you’ll guess or be told, some you’ll wonder about, some will make you feel happy you don’t belong there. Everyone has something to say, everyone has a plan, everyone has a reason. I loved loving them, loathing them, judging them, falling for them.

Like onions, those characters have more than one face. Don’t you worry, you won’t fall into chapters slowly revealing everyone has a good side and even the brightest have a heart. You will truly meet those characters the way I did. The hard way. Through drama, through lies and flashbacks, through barely visible scars and still bleeding cuts. Everyone is linked, one way or another, for better or rather for worse. Because Revenge is not about a nice friendly reunion. Revenge is about secrets from the past, forbidden tastes and helping fate do its job.

He had won her at his first “hello”. On a scale of successful “hellos” it was up there with Lionel Richie and Adele.

One of my favorite aspect of the book is that St Tropez feels real. It is a character, it invites you in with a crimson red invitation to the party. Front row. The best seats. St Tropez is scary, because despite its sweet famous name and show-biz life, St Tropez is dangerous. It reunites the elite, and what do people who have everything do when gathered in one place? The flashes of the photographs and the smiles can only hide so much. The exuberance and beauty of the city puts stars into eyes and knifes through hearts.

She could make Prada look like Primark.

Revenge takes you on the road travelled only by Louboutins and Jimmy Choos; it takes you behind the curtains and takes the picture of faces without make up. You’ll be the judge to decide if those naked features are as ugly as their painted version. I took a guilty pleasure watching people go down, I relished in the well-executed plans that brought the truth on the front page, I shivered at what hides behind the lights.

Revenge is exquisitely glanderous: Glamorous and dangerous. Addictively hot and absolutely delicious.

Forget Closer and the Sun, grab your UK copy or US copy of Revenge, you’ll find a much better meat and the perfect sauce to compliment it.

I would like to thank the author and Bookouture for including me in this blog tour. This unbiased review is my thanks to them.



Nigel May is a true all-rounder in the media world, working as a TV presenter, author, journalist and craft personality. He has written two glam-fiction books, Trinity and Addicted, as well as featuring in Sunlounger – a chart-topping anthology of short stories.


Find out more about what is being said about Revenge on the blog tour! book tour blogs.jpg

45 thoughts on “Revenge is Better Served Cold: #blogtour @Nigel_May @bookouture”

  1. Lovely review my Sweechie, and I love how it’s set in the South of France – a place we both know a lot, yet the author managed to make you want to go back there ahah, I love that 🙂 I also enjoy that little “Gossip Girl” vibe that book got going on, with the secrets and drama and high society ahah 🙂 Love your review 🙂


    1. Thanks so much my Sweechie! I was a bit nervous about the blog tour but I had so much fun with this book I wanted to do it justice 🙂 You know just how hard it is to find a book set in France in which there aren’t stupid mistakes or big fat cliché, right? Well, St Tropez is St Tropez here, haha, that is awfully good. Yes that’s exactly the vibe…says the girl who have barely watched Gossip Girl but I haven’t been living under a rock so I know it anyway xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow… lovely review, Donna! You won me over with your review… I’ll have to check this one out, for sure. France is on the top of my travel list, so maybe reading this book will be good for me until I can actually GET to France 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Abbie! I was seduced by the mix of glamour and secrets and I was not disappointed. The fact the set is St Tropez only adds a nice Frenchie taste 🙂 xxx


  3. Hahaha I loved your introduction and review! Thanks for making me laugh on this rainy day, and you managed to convince me to check out this book as well. 😉 It’s been too long since I read a story set in France… I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy I could bring some sun to your rainy day 😀 I had a feeling this book would be enjoyable but I was not expecting to like it so much, it’s glitters and tears! Plus, France! I mean… food, beautiful place and rude people! Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautifully written review. The book sounds great from your review, and it has a great cover. I visited St Tropez as a child but only saw a very child like touristy view of it then. I can just imagine it now from this book and your thoughts. How nice to read a book based in on your own country.


    1. Thank you so much, Amanda. The book has all the drama and makeup you find in all the wrong magazines but it gives this world a depth and a dangerous edge you won’t find anywhere else. St Tropez adds this touch of glamour and freedom that is only a curtain to a much darker world! I remember walking through St Tropez and wondering if the stories were true. Well, you get a pretty good one in Revenge! I liked the French setting because it never lied, unlike some stories I read before 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sounds very much like an American tv show called ‘Revenge’, but that was set in the rich American coast somewhere. It was very good, and like you say all glamorous at front, and dark behind.


  5. Wow you really know how to sell a book, consider me sold! I’ve been to Saint Tropez and I didn’t really like the place, too glitzy for me, but the promise of all these people hiding behind their masks, showing what’s behind those curtains, yes that really makes me curious! Oh and glanderous, I love it ! Brilliant review!


    1. I should add “book seller” to my Twitter bio :p Well, bad Frenchie book seller would be more appropriate, hahaha Still can’t believe it. Anyway, I promise you this trip to St Tropez is worth it, the makeup melts faster than you can say Bonjour and the drama oozes from the pages, you’re slapped one secret after another and it’s a real good gem in its genre. I’m in love with my own word, Glanderous sounds so cool, haha! Thanks so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I love it when the location feels like an additional character ❤ I'll definitely pick up this one when I'm in need of something juice, glamorous and fun haha


  7. This is a fantastic review Donna!! I always love your reviews but with this one I find myself dying to go to the South of France and since I can’t I think I really need to read this book. While I love crime thrillers and mysteries I’ve also loved books by Jackie Collins in the past…the glamour and glitz are fun guilty pleasures for me. This book came on my radar after Amy’s review (NovelGossip) and now after yours it’s got a solid spot at the top!!


    1. Aw, thanks so much! I’m so glad I gave you the urge to visit the south of France 😀 It’s beautiful, as long as you stay away from too much glitter, haha! I like that this story added dark secrets and a dead body to the champagne party!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I think I need to read this one. 🙂 Lovely review, bestie! Jimmy Choos and Louboutins. You had me hooked right there. Haha! Those are my fave designer shoes. 😍 I love getting a glimpse into the lives of the fab and rich.


  9. I just saw Bookouture mention this review on their Facebook page and they used your quote as a header for the post.It made me feel like I was friends with a celeb,like…. yeah,I know Donna,she writes amazing reviews!!lol

    Your review has convinced me that I need to read this one soon.Brilliant review!


    1. Hahahahahaha, you know what? I hadn’t seen their post, so I did not know until I saw your comment this morning that I was a book blog celeb. My ankles have already doubled xD Thanks so much for letting me know! I always miss all the fun on Facebook!
      It’s a pure pack of fun, secrets and betrayal, with an impressive array of characters you’ll love to hate 😀 xxx


  10. What a brilliant review… when I first saw this book on Twitter I thought of the TV show ‘Revenge’ which I loved… then you mentioned St Tropez and another show came to mind that I used to watch wth my mom years ago… jesus… the soaps and dramas…
    so, initially by the blurb I though- nah, that probably won’t be for me… BUT… your review told me I should read it.. the characters being compraed to onions and the quotes you picked are hilarious… I have to grab a copy as well… 😀 Fab review!!! ❤


    1. Hahahaha, are you talking about that French show Sous le Soleil? Nah, you can’t be…I know it was super famous everywhere but still.. I’m afraid now because it makes me feel so old!
      I know, I hesitated just a little bit for this book but there was something there, and I wasn’t wrong, it’s full of all the things you want to read about without telling anyone xD Thanks so much ❤ I was so nervous as this was a blog tour!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Sous le Soleil! That’s it 😀 That was such an exotic show to watch back in the day in Estonia with the paradise beaches and beautiful people 😀 loved it!
        Well, you pulled the blog tour stop off brilliantly and I’m sure tons of people reading your review got hooked and went to find the book.. I’m defo going to get this one once my timescale allows 🙂


  11. Great review Donna, this sounds like an amazing book and I’m so glad to see you enjoyed it. For some reason the premise reminds me a little bit of a mixture of The OC, Gossip Girl and Revenge (the TV show, not sure if it’s still on I never watched it) only set in France. It’s great the characters were interesting to read about, and the fact that it made you want to travel to St Tropez makes it all the better. I’ve read books that have inspired that same sense of wanderlust in me and they’re favourites of mine now! 🙂


    1. I was very impressed by the characterization because it all started with the usual clichés but as the story unfolds, you get to know the whos and whys and hows and real faces are revealed and I was so not expecting the depth!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh, that makes it sound even better in a way. I really enjoy it when books manage to turn cliches on their head and create something more real from it you know? It sounds like a great book, I’ll be adding this one to my to-read list as well. 🙂


  12. This book sounds goooood! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before but the quotes you included made me snort in a good way – I just understood the references like that (*snaps fingers*), haha. I’ll have to check it out myself, somehow. 🙂


  13. Ohhh fantastic review! Got to admit that living in a certain place that is deemed beautiful by foreigners makes you realize that you’ve gotten to used to your own beautiful city! But I do love reading/seeing my city anywhere and recognizing the landmarks. I’m glad to hear that this read did justice to your country and didn’t put it through a blender! Sounds like this was a nicely written book too! 😀

    – Lashaan


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