2017 Challenges Monthly Update: January


The Beat The Backlist Challenge is hosted by Austine @ Novel Knight. Click on the link for rules and guidelines. You’ll also find an exciting Hogwarts House Cup Challenge linked to the main challenge, how fun!

If you’re wondering, I’m PixieGlow in the House Cup challenge. Don’t judge the contender by its stripper name 😂

So basically, we are supposed to read all the books we hoarded and were published before 2017.
My Personal Goal: 50

Books read in January that fit the challenge (with review if available)

It turns out many of my reads for January fit the criteria! February won’t be as good, I can already tell!


My goal: Dabbler – Read 10 out of 30 of the Wired into Sci-Fi Books.


From 1900 to our days, one book a month to live or relive some of what sci-fi had to offer through the decades.
I’m going through the decades chronologically, but you can choose not to.

  • In the Days of the Comet by H.G. Wells
    I won’t write a full review because all I have to say is that despite the fact it was really advanced for the time it was written, I wish the book would have been buried by a comet. Wordy, long and full of a romance I never cared about. Leave the comets to the sky.

Find the rules and lists of books here


Current TBR 112
NetGalley 6
ARCs 5

Are you taking part in the challenge? What’s your stripper username? How many books from your TBR have you read?

45 thoughts on “2017 Challenges Monthly Update: January”

            1. But… Do you really want to? :p I stayed away from NG for months, something I am proud of and I needed at a time I was feeling too much pressure from the blog, but it does feel good to help books get out there.

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  1. You are doing great with the challenge.I read ARCs in January apart from one book that my book club was reading and I think February will go the same way.All the best with your February reads.Happy reading.


    1. February is filled with ARCs! I guess January was a good NetGalley month but now I have to face the requests, haha! Still, it will be my first time having several blog tours so I’m excited 🙂 Happy reading!


    1. Well, don’t start to use it before midnight :p Donna sounds better for the day, haha! I’m really astonished at the joy I’m getting out of trying scifi. I also wonder about the publishing time and just how much it impact the stories. I’ll have to write a post about that at the end of the year!

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  2. Hahahahaha, love the stripper name… makes the stripper sounds very… not strippery? 😀

    Love what you said about The Comet book as well.. I think the fact it’s from 1901 (holy crapola) and just to get a feel for the romance written back then has me intrigued still. I just have to try this book… 😀 I may regret it, but… no risk, no champagne.. or something like that 🙂

    And, hey.. you’re mega for doing the challenges… challenges scare the bejeebus out of me 😀


    1. Hahaha, it just sounds like the name of a character from a Stephanie Plum adventure!
      I hope you like the Comet, it’s not that bad, I just wanted more. But I totally see how this felt new and really sci-fi for the time. We’ll have to talk about it!!
      Haha, I was the same! I don’t like readathons so I’ll never try but challenges are my thing, I love some spicing up!


  3. You’ve got off to a good start with your Beat the Backlist challenge! I’m trying to read my TBR this year too but while I’ve managed to read quite a lot off my TBR, I’ve added more books than I’ve read. Oops! It wasn’t entirely my fault though as my husband bought me a lot of books for my birthday so I can put the blame on him… Hahaha! 😉


    1. Yes, I’m happy with what January looked liked with the TBR. It’s a good thing because February is all about ARCs! Haha yes, that book haul from your husband is the perfect excuse to put the blame on him! 🙂

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  4. Loved this post! You’re doing so well on the Beat the Backlist challenge – I’ve set mine to 15 (so nowhere near as much) and I’ve done 2, so I’m hoping I can keep it up, and maybe increase the number if I feel I can do it!


  5. I am participating in the beat the backlist challenge as well. My name is ChestnutDust I don’t think that’s a very good stripper name lol and I managed to knock 3 books off my TBR by of course I have added so many more.


  6. Wow seems like you made a decent start on your challenges for January, and given this is only the first month of the year as well seems like you’ve got a head start on it too! 😀
    You never know, February may turn out better than you think. Either way good luck Donna. 🙂 ❤


  7. Yay for the Beat The Backlist challenge! My name is slightly less stripper sounding (although not great either): OakSickle. xD Love your progress; we really should beat Slytherin next month though. 😉


  8. I’m participating in Beat the Backlist too! But I’m playing for Gryffindor! Good luck with the challenges and Happy Reading!! 🙂


      1. I haven’t either! I’ve only read one book for it so far (but I just signed up in March). I’m currently participating in the Instagram challenge for the extra points. But hoping I’ll get to some backlisted books after I finish Parker and Exit West.


          1. My Instagram pics aren’t pretty. I like taking them, but I get sad trying to make them as pretty as other people’s and it’s just not possible. I don’t have that kind of talent. (Or enough photo props! Lol.)


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